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An ultrabook is basically a laptop, or a specific laptop,actually Inspired by Intel, the Ultrabook is an entirely new category of ultra thin notebooks.It is everything you want in one device that you can take anywhere.Ultrabooks are quite a fresh breed of portable computers. They are slim, light, thin, fashionable and powerful, that’s why many, including their creators, the guys at Intel, say that they could soon become more popular than ‘’regular’’ laptops.

That is why, in the following lines we will discuss about the similarities and the differences between these recently released ultrabooks and the good, old-fashioned laptops:

  • Laptops are mobile personal computers and come in a wide range of forms. They can sport displays between 13 to 20 inches wide, they can weigh anywhere from three to 18 pounds and pack a multitude of hardware configurations and various features.Today,The most popular laptops are probably the 15.6-inchers, which are in most cases powerful enough to replace a desktop for casual daily use (browsing, chatting, listening to music, watching movies, playing some games), and also light and portable enough to be carried from place to place when needed.Ultrabooks, on the other hand, are more specific portable computers. They are light and thin, as well as powerful and elegant. You will find them with screen ranging from 11.6 to 15.6 inches wide, packing low-voltage snappy processors from Intel and able to run for several hours on each battery charge.
  • Ultrabooks tend to offer plenty of battery life, with about 5+ hours of daily use for the average versions, but in order to save space, the batteries are encased and non-removable. But it is not the case for regular laptops and once again things vary from situation to situation, with the ultra-portables capable of running for 10+ hours on a charge, or the gaming units that can barely stay alive for one hour. You can also easily replace the battery on a regular laptop or buy a new one in place, which is not possible in the case for ultrabooks.
  • Ultrabooks tend to focus on there build quality and the aesthetics,while fancy materials like magnesium, aluminum or glass are usually difficult to find on regular laptops.Opening the lids, you will notice that most ultrabooks come with rather shallow keys, due to their thin silhouette, and here is where the classic laptops win, as there’s more space to accommodate a better keyboard on them. Ultrabooks tend to use backlit keyboards though, while on laptops, that is a feature only reserved for the premium models.
  • When speaking about ports, while ultrabooks feature most of the ones you get on regular laptops, in some cases there are some of them missing or replaced with miniaturized versions, as there is just not enough space for them on those slim edges.
  • In the end though, there is one final important aspect of ultrabooks of their price. While ultrabooks average at around 1000 bucks these days, with some cheaper $800 versions recently entering the market,but you can find laptops going from $300 to $3000 or even more, based on what you need from them.





Thus,we can say that Ultrabook is everything a regular notebook is and more. Intel technology makes it possible for the Ultrabook to be super slim while adding even more amazing features, like the ability to start up in just seconds. It is ready to work as soon as you are,just press a button.The Ultrabook is better at doing the things you like. Flash memory launches even large apps quickly. Intel’s built-in visuals make editing, converting and uploading videos and photos faster and smoother. You can even enjoy your favourite games and HD movies without an additional graphics card.

When choosing a PC, always consider your needs first. With a full-sized keyboard and screen, the Ultrabook offers the power and usefulness of a notebook in a size and weight that is way more convenient to carry around. If you need to add accessories like a DVD drive or external hard drive, these are available as add-ons so it is possible to get the best of both worlds.. Your email and social networks stay updated, even when your Ultrabook is asleep. It is everything you want in one device that you can take anywhere.Protect your data by disabling your lost or stolen Ultrabook from anywhere in the world with  Anti-Theft Technology.





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