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Some people feel like the iPad Mini is a waste of money. They don’t see the advantage of a smaller iPad that isn’t as small as the iPod touch. To them, even with the coolest looking iPad mini case on the planet, this device is still just a hybrid that they see no real purpose for. They couldn’t be more wrong.

To begin with, as far as its technical specifications, the iPad Mini actually falls somewhere between the original iPad and the iPad 2. In that sense, you could consider this device something of an iPad 1.5.

Therefore, if you are looking for more power than the original iPad, but don’t need every bell or whistle that comes with the iPad 2, then this could be the perfect device for you.

Another thing to keep in mind here is that, no matter what kind of iPad mini case you have it in, the iPad mini is actually superior to the iPad 2 in two very significant ways. That’s right! We said superior! In the first place, it has a better screen.

Mini iPad

Is the iPad Mini a Waste of Money?


While both devices boast a screen that is 1024×768 with regard to resolution, the iPad mini’s screen has 163ppi (pixels per inch), as opposed to the 132ppi of the iPad2. That means you’ll actually see an even clearer, crisper picture on the iPad mini than on the iPad2. It also has a better camera.

If you get an iPad mini case for your new gadget, it will have an opening built into it for that superior camera, and that is a very good thing. The front camera films in HD, and the rear one has a quality rating of five megapixels. That’s the same quality rating as the camera on the iPhone 5.

The speakers are a lot better, too, which is a really big deal. The reason this is such a big deal has to do with the fact that before, the lack of speaker strength was one of the most common complaints about the iPad. The ones on the iPad mini are simply much better.

In any iPad mini case, the iPad mini is also superior to all of the other mid range tablets from all of the other manufacturers. There are some similarly sized tablets out there that are less expensive, but they lack many of the features which we have discussed here. In short, it is defiantly worth the money.

For more information on the latest iPad mini cases check out this iPad mini press release from Ace Case.

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