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An iPad accessory can make an already awesome iPad great, but picking the best one from the bunch entails knowing your innermost desires.

For example, if you make use of your iPad mostly for entertainment… which ranges from turning it into an e-book reader to watching your favorite videos on the fly… then you should concentrate on getting mostly entertainment-based iPad add-ons. You can watch your iTunes-purchased movie in peace without bothering others with its sound by buying the USB earphones. You can also ensure that the touch screen you’re using is as protected from possible breakage with a detachable screen protector.

Speaking of protectors, when charging your iPad, why not invest in a surge protector as well so that you won’t accidentally fry your iPad’s battery? The accessories you choose for your beloved tablet will range from practical to ingenious. That’s because the true beauty of the iPad lies with the fact that it can be turned into anything your heart desires. Do you want to transform your iPad into a laptop?

If you want to pick up the best iPad accessories around, then it’s imperative that you’re aware of what you want out of your iPad. Get a Bluetooth wireless keyboard that uses a special attachment that puts the iPad screen and the Apple keyboard together in a laptop-like setup that you can collapse or attach.. You can also transform your iPad into a home entertainment system with the right adapters and connections. Or rather, you can turn it into a video player that doubles as a remote as you play your favorite movies and so forth.

The high-definition videos you have stored in your tablet will look particularly smashing on your widescreen TV, especially when you consider the fact that even low-resolution files that look blurry on your computer appear crystal sharp on either LCD or CRT setups. If you want the ultimate in iPad add-ons and accessories when it comes to TV-related entertainment, then how about the Apple TV?

Unlike simply hooking up your iPad to your television set, the Apple TV accessory is specifically designed to work with your iPad or iPad Mini, such that you can even edit and play your iMovie masterpieces on its screen without worrying about adjustments and whatnot. You can also use the Apple TV and iPad combo (or hook your iPad to a projector) to do board-meeting presentations Steve-Jobs-style, walking around with an iPad and really engaging the audience.

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  1. Great Post! But I’m surprised skins weren’t mentioned. I found these awesome iPad Skins. you can even design your own if you can’t find a design you like! They are great accessories.

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