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Most of us know by now that you can get online on our phones.  We know that we can pick-up e-mail, send e-mail, get on Facebook, send messages through Twitter, and even stream movies.  But what goes into providing the technology to do so?  What is it that allows us to have a fast streaming experience and a quality browsing journey?

The core characteristics of the phone that allowed us are the connectivity features, the processing power, the user interface and browser, and of course the display.

The Connectivity

Mobile phones nowadays come with a variety of modes of connectivity to the internet.  We have Wi-Fi connectivity that enables us to jump onto a local network if we have the security key.  This even enables us to jump onto hot spots in local or even international locations.  For example, we could jump online at an airport, or in a local pub, just through connecting with the relevant details.

Then there is 3G and 4G.  These provide connectivity over the internet.  3G offers somewhat slower connectivity than 4G.  But 4G is not available everywhere.  Indeed, 3G is still not available nationwide on some networks.  These provide you with the means to use your data consumption from your Internet package on your phone and stream, browse, and enjoy the experience.

New technology such as LTE is coming out and networks seem to struggle at times to keep up with the pace of evolution that the mobile phone manufacturers are bringing to the connectivity market.

The Processor

The speed of the processor and the RAM will to some extent dictate the way in which we can multi-task and perform our online activities.  Processors at the premium end of the market as standard come as quad-core and are backed up with 2GB of RAM.

As we look at the budget and midrange, we’re looking at 1GHz processors with dual-core capacity.  These can handle most of what we want to do, but some apps may not be as functional as at the premium end of the market.

The processor in essence is the power driver that facilitates the process and stops sluggishness and jerkiness of performance.

The Operating System and Browser

The operating system on which we are placed on the handset will dictate to an extent the experience we have in our internet journey.  Nowadays, different browsers are enabled on different platforms.

If you look at Android, we have access to Google Chrome.  On Microsoft we have Bing.  And on Apple we tend to get Safari and other browsers.

The platform provides the user interface through which we see the Internet world and therefore is an important consideration when we look at our experience.  Try out the different platforms, and also look at the different apps that you will require.  If you want to stream through certain programs then you’ll have to find out whether there are available.  Android has the most applications at over 700,000.  Windows currently has around 120,000.  And Apple perhaps 200,000+.

The Display

The better video experience is generally enjoyed on the bigger screens; when they are high quality.  If you have a grainy and fuzzy big screen you are going to miss out.  But nowadays you have huge 5-inch displays that provide superb pixel resolution and pixel density.  These weigh in with impressive specifications and deliver superb quality pictures.

You can of course opt for a smaller screen such as the 4-inch screen on the iPhone 5, but nowadays going for something sub 4.7 or 4.8 inches is somewhat of a compromise.  There are even screens at 5.5 inches in the case of the Galaxy Note 2 and 6.1 inches with the Huawei Ascend Mate.

The bigger screens will be more fiddly to operate when you get above 5 inches, and in my opinion 5 inches is probably about the right level for a smartphone device.

Over to You

So there you have it, some of the important considerations when you’re looking at utilising internet on your phone.  Try out some different models and make sure you enjoy the experience.

Guest-AuthorPhil Turner has found some great 3g offers, both on PAYG and on contract. He thinks the cost of running a phone has definitely fallen in the past six months.

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