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A Simple Solution to Recover Your Highly Corrupted Data

  1.  Want to recover data from formatted partition?
  2.  Want to recover data from lost volumes?
  3.  Want to recover data from corrupted hard drive?
  4.  Want to recover deleted or inaccessible files?
  5.  Want to recover data from external hard drive?

Advanced IbidInfo Windows Data Recovery – Professional Version is a solitary answer for all data retrieval exigencies. The application easily recovers those data which is completely out of your reach. This hard drive recovery tool safely recover erased data, lost file, folders, songs, photographs, messages, recordings and other crucial database. IbidInfo Windows File Recovery specially designed to recover corrupted data from hard disk drive.

Its mechanism is like enchantment to recover your formatted or erased files from internal or external hard disk, digital optical disc data storage like Compact Disk, digital video disc, Universal Serial Bus (USBs), Memory cards, Secure Digital cards (SD Cards) and any data storage format. Information recuperation is made more straightforward by the four steadfast modules of Drive Recovery, CD/DVD Recovery, Image Recovery and Mail Recovery, engaging clients to save time by regaining their particular documents. The fully developed scan feature lets you investigate your particular document by name or file format to save data recovery time. The Raw recovery option of the product deeply finds in the drive to bring your extremely damage or severally corrupted information and conveys more extensive results. You can even make a picture of your disk and save it as a record to securely endeavor data salvage.

Most Important Characters of IbidInfo Windows Partition Recovery Software

  • Safe and sound IbidInfo Hard Disk Data Recovery Utility
  • Recover whole thing from formatted partition
  • Get back vanished and erased files, images, pictures, messages etc. from lost partition.
  • Unproblematic data recovery from HDD, external hard disk, flash drives, USB drive and memory cards etc.
  • Unproblematic Data Recovery from Windows Hard Drives, External drives, USBs, SD cards etc.
  • Significant data recovery modes that make the process smooth and speedy. These modules are: Drive recovery, Image recovery, Email recovery and CD/DVD recovery.
  • Software support Optical disk recovery.
  • Recovery of highly corrupted files through “RAW Recovery”
  • Safely recover removed messages from MS OUTLOOK and OUTLOOK EXPRESS
  • Retrieves information from USB drive.
  • Watch recoverable files through Preview
  • Recover data after some time through cloning of hard disk. If you face sudden disk crash then clone drive can be switch with your main disk.
  • Supported files systems are NTFS, ExFAT and FAT
  • Supported operating systems Windows 10, Windows 8 and all lower versions.
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