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Information Technology is a vast field that hosts a great variety of roles from desktop support to project management. It isn’t always easy to find the right direction in such a huge field, and you also cannot be expected to know how to do everything that is related to technology. Here in this post we will focus on the topic how to start a career in it.

So how can you get started work in IT?

Analyse What You Know and What You Want to Do

You might be the type that already hacks around with computers, or you might have put together a few gaming apps for the iPhone.

On the other hand you might like coding and working with network connections, or you are into creating mods for gaming.

All of these are IT skills that you can expand on. But before you do that it’s a good idea to see what such skills can fall into. For example, making game apps for iPhone falls into mobile content design and creation; fixing computers could be desktop support and so on…

Start a Career in IT

It Isn’t All About Being Geeks
Working in IT isn’t just about dealing with computers all day long. Some of the starter IT positions are about customer service for 90% of the time and fixing things for the rest. You need to be willing to sort things out for people, whether the problem is them or it’s the equipment or software you are dealing with.

Training or experience in customer support can help you get into a higher position in IT later on.

You also need to have good troubleshooting skills: you need to have good investigative skills and trace problems to their source. The way to do that is by trying to understand everything – if there is an error message, try to figure out what it actually means rather than guessing. Do the research you need and as you gain more knowledge you’ll be able to find problems a lot faster.


Get Training

Find opportunities to gain more knowledge. Internships are very useful as you learn how to use new systems or improve upon what you already know.

Geek friends might probably become your best friends, too. If they ever come and fix something at your home, it’s worth understanding what they did.

Formal training can obviously play a great role, but don’t get discouraged if you can’t afford it at first. You could try for a starter role in a few IT support companies for examples, learn the ropes, learn some more and move up as time goes on. And once you can afford this new shiny course go ahead and do it!


Stay Up to Date

Technology evolves and your knowledge needs to follow suit. As companies are switching to new operating systems, virtual machines, cloud computing and what have you, being proficient in Windows 95 doesn’t cut it.

Okay that was a bit extreme, but you get the gist.

So here are the ingredients to start in IT: a yearning to learn, an affinity with technology coupled with the ability to troubleshoot problems and the willingness help people sort their tech related problems.

Do you think you have what it takes?

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James Duval is an expert in all things techy, and is found most evenings glued to his Xbox. When he’s not blasting around the countryside on his bike he writes for Cartridge Shop.

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