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How to install SSL Certificate to IIS 7 in Windows 2008 Server

This article will help you to install SSL certificate to IIS 7 in Windows 2008 Server. Once Certificate Admin sent you the SSL certificate please follow these steps to complete the installation and configuration for the IIS sites. Make sure that you have certificate file (filename.cer) in your server where you are going to install the certificate.

Install SSL Certificate to IIS 7:

Step 1:

Certificate when you downloaded or get from mail this can be in ZIP file, unzip that you will get the certificate file. Save the file (certificate_name.cer) to the server for which you raised the request. Open the Information Services (IIS) Manager. Click on the server name. In the feature view double-click the “Server Certificates” and open as below figure.
SSL Certificate  Installation

Step 2:

From the “Actions” on right column click on “Complete Certificate Request.” This will open the Complete Certificate Request wizard which will help you to complete rest of the steps.

SSL Certificate Installation

Step 3:

Browse to certificate_name.cer file that was provided to you by Certificate Admin. Fill the friendly name which is usually common name or site name which you are going to secure. Clicking “OK” will install the certificate to the server.

SSL Certificate Installation

Step 4:

Once the SSL certificate has been successfully installed to the server, you will need to allocate that certificate to the website using IIS. From the “Connections” tab in the main Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager window in left side, select the name of the server to which the certificate was installed. Under “Sites,” select the site to be configure SSL. From the “Actions” tab on the right side column, click on “Bindings.” Which will open the “Site Bindings” window.

SSL Certificate Installation

SSL Certificate Installation

Step 5:

In the “Site Bindings” window, click “Add…” which will open the “Add Site Binding” window. Under “Type” choose https. You can assign IP or leave All Unassigned. The default SSL port is 443. Click “OK.” Your SSL certificate is now installed, and the website configured to accept SSL.

SSL Certificate Installation

Common Issue while installing the SSL certificate:

There is a known issue in IIS 7 give the subsequent error: “Cannot find the certificate request associated with this certificate file. A certificate request must be completed on the computer where it was created.” You may also get a error saying “. It means you are installing the certificate on the wrong server. While raising the certificate request we need to provide the server details, common name etc which make help certificate to create secure channel from you’re your server’s IIS site to client machine. Certificate which has been raised for the server “A” should be installed on the server “A” only.

Useful Information:

SSL Port 443 is the default port. If you assign 443 pot no need to give port explicitly while accessing the site.

Ho to create request for the SSL certificate please check in this article.

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