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These days, website owners are giving more importance to improve Alexa rank because of the undeniable facts that a great Alexa rank boosts the website’s image and brand reputation more than anything else and will help you gain consumers trust and confidence. The better a website ranks on Alexa; the more business it gets. There are a few other reasons involved with such a notion such as enhancing the conversion ratio and to increase the ad earnings.

Online advertisers are increasingly searching for blogs and websites that are ranked among Alexa’s top 50,000 sites so that they can give more exposure to the ads about their products and services.

There is no shortage of bloggers offering online tools and methods that claim to improve Alexa rank. However Rankage has been considered by many bloggers as the most effective way to improve alexa ranking. Rankage allows you to make your site’s Alexa rank reach 100k in a matter of a few days. Rankage can increase Alexa Rank for a fee that is based on a range of the Rank that you would like your site to achieve.

After a client places an order on, he can start seeing improvement of his site’s Alexa rank within 7 days. Rankage then goes to reach the desired 1-month average Alexa rank goal within 30 days, and it reaches the desired 3-month average Alexa rank goal within 90 days. Rankage can also maintain the rank of their clients forever if they opt for the automatic renewal plan.


It is also good to know few basics about Alexa ranking and why it is important. Alexa’s traffic ranking has come into the act as a method which has been termed as the Reach by Alexa. It also depends on what they use to call as the Page Views.

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