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In the current economic climate, people are looking for savings anywhere they can. That’s understandable – times are tough. The chance to get a top new smart phone for free is an incredibly attractive offer for many people – but what some fail to realise is that most of these offers aren’t really free at all – you’re just paying for the phone over a longer period. You know when you buy a new piece of furniture and pay for it over a number of months because the up front price is too expensive? That’s exactly how most free cell phone offers work. It’s almost like hire-purchase.

Smart phones have become like a fashion accessory for some people, and it can be hard to go without when all your friends have got the latest models. People want to keep up with their peers, and that’s why many are willing to overlook the long term costs to get what they want.

How you really end up paying for your new phone:

It’s obvious when you look at it closely, but many people forget to pay attention to the details. If you’re paying $20 a month for a phone, that works out at $360 over an 18 month contract, which is quite a high cost. When you consider that many phone companies are getting people to agree to contracts as long as 24 months, it’s obvious how they really make their money. Also, remember this: Those free calls and messages that are included actually cost the phone company very little. This is especially important to remember as if you go over your allowed usage limits – you might have to pay loads more.

Another thing that’s often bundled into your phone costs on top of your monthly plan is insurance. You’ll find most salespeople want to get you to agree to as many extras as they can to really bump up your monthly cost. In reality, many phone users find that they don’t need insurance. You’ve got to weight up the cost with the possibility of you actually losing your phone. And here’s what most salespeople won’t tell you – your phone might actually be covered on your home insurance already.

How can you really get a free cell phone?

As you’ve seen, most free phone offers aren’t all they seem. Thankfully, there are some ways to get a free cell phone and one of the best is through Safelink Wireless. In conjunction with the Lifeline Assistance Program, those in low income families are being offered the chance to receive a free cell phone. Not only that, but free service and calls are also included – that’s 250 free minutes a month!

The Government has actually been helping people get free phones for many years now. The program started as a way for people on low incomes to get their own subsidised landline but as communication networks have modernized, so has the program. Those receiving federal aid in the form of Medicaid or Food Stamps might be eligible for a brand new phone and service plan.

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Like many others, Julia Backlot might be eligible for free Phone Services. You can find out more at our site.

  1. Safelink could you please send me a free smartphone as soon as u get them? The phone I have doesn’t work right anymore and the volume quality is so poor that I can’t hear the other person talking when making a phone call.

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