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For high rank in the search engine your website need do-follow backlinks from very good and reputed site having very high Google rank like PR 9, PR8, PR7, PR5 or PR 4.

One do-floow link from well reputed websites is equivalent to hundred of backlinks from simple or low page rank websites.

Google consider do-follow backlink from high page rank + reputed site to provide the ranking to the page which help to appear top in search result.

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Always try to get some backlinks from the bigger name sites having Google PageRank 9,8,7. I know that is not simple but keep trying your best if you relay passionate about your blog.

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Let me give you some start-up. I collected some tips to get do-follow backlink from high authority page rank site which I shared here.

PR9 Do-Follow Backlinks

1. Mozilla.ORG

Mozilla.ORG is very PageRank of 9 high reputed website. Follow below step to get free do-follow backlink :

  • Sign Up for Free Mozilla Account
  • Fill out the details and submit Sign Up form.
  • Click on Verification Link at your email account from Mozilla to activate your account, after submitting form.
  • After activation, login to Mozilla with your credentials and visit your profile page.
  • Put your short bio with your website’s link.

2. Adobe.COM

Adobe.COM is yet another PR9 Website to get do-follow backlinks to your blog.

Procedure is same here as above till registration.
Now you create your account at Adobe.COM and verify it. Create you profile there and enter all the data.

Now, may be you will bo be able to insert links your at Adobe’s profile, visit Adobe Forum. Here at forum, put an original looking problem or the problem you are actually facing with your blog’s URL.

PR8 Do-Follow backlinks


Ted.COM is a PR8 website with innovative videos, research etc. The website can give you do-follow backlink.

After activating update your profile and insert website link with name of your site.
So, enjoy free High Authority Backlink 🙂

2. FileZilla-Project.ORG

Sign up to and insert your backlinks in your profile same as TED.COM and also you can create backlink of your site on the posts.

PR7 Do-Follow Backlinks

1. Eventful.COM

Eventful.COM is a PR7 website having social events and news.

  • Sign up free to Eventful and verify your account
  • Go to Profile and click on “Add More Info” button.
  • Add link which having your bio/info using hiper link.

2. Nature.COM

Sign Up free at Create your profile with website link and use their Forum to gain do-floow backlinks for frew of the pages from your site.

PR6 Do-Follow Backlinks

1. W3blog.DK

W3blog.DK is a reputed blog with PageRank 6. Sign Up and join it. After join it you can do comments. Few of the top commentators gets do-follow backlinks from them. So give you best here .. all the best !

2. GoLoco.ORG

Sign Up free GoLoco.ORG  and create your profile profile with website’s link at blog/site field.

I hope you will also add some tips here.

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  1. Thankyou Very Much Pankaj!
    This article helped me lots and follow your steps. Today my Alexa Backlinks get updated and I can see backlinks from Adobe, TED and Mozilla.ORG

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