Social media is an excellent tool that every small business owner should use. Unfortunately, most business that use social media do not use it to their full advantage. Luckily, most people can run an effective social media campaign, as long as they do their homework. Every business is different, but there are some fundamental ideas that should work for everyone. So, here are six ways to use social media effectively in your business.

Multiple Campaigns

To be successful with social media, businesses need to run multiple campaigns. That is to say, they should set up Twitter and Facebook accounts, and possibly more, depending on the business. This will allow them to get as many followers as possible. Remember, not everyone uses the same social media outlet, diversify!


Businesses must track their website visitors. This can help the business owner determine which campaigns are successful, and which ones aren’t. A small business owner can easily track users with Google Analytics or Statcounter. A properly tracked campaign will allow the business owner to improve upon his or her Facebook page.


Every business owner should strive for a lot of Facebook and Twitter followers. One way to gain them is to offer incentives to customers who follow the business. A business owner can offer a monthly prize to a selected follower, or even regular discounts to all of the followers of the business. With incentives, a campaign will gain followers quickly.

Provide Value

A social media campaign should provide value. Anyone can set up a site and fill it with information; a good page will have pertinent and useful information. A social media page needs to have the phone number, website, hours, and any other information that users will need. Remember, in many cases, people will go to the Facebook or Twitter page of a business, before going to the website. Many potential customers will move on to the next business if they cannot find the information on the Facebook or Twitter feeds.


The most crucial aspect of social media is communication. Facebook offers a fantastic way for businesses and customers to communicate with ease. Take this seriously, make sure to respond to inquiries in a timely matter. Since Facebook is a public site, everyone will see how a business treats its customers. Ideally, a customer would not wait more than 24 hours to hear back from a business, unless it is a weekend or long holiday. The whole point of social media is communication, remember to make that the strong point of a social media campaign.


Consider either hiring a full time employee to run a social media campaign. A large business will likely need to field multiple questions a day, and it will be difficult to manage the campaign. With a full time employee, the business will gain a competent person who can make sure the campaigns run smoothly. A well run social media campaign will bring in a lot of business.

A well-run social media campaign will do wonders for any business. While most businesses create Facebook and Twitter pages, they could do a lot better. Social media is here to stay, and it is necessary to do everything professionally and courteously. Anyone who follows these tips should be successful in their campaigns.


About Author:

Rachel Hughes writes about social media, marketing, business & human resources. Her most recent work showcases the Top 10 Best HR MBA Programs.