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Today I was trying to delete the Google Community which I have created some time back. The steps are very simple. I decided to share this with my visitors, I hope this will helpful. I took the screen shot also which will help you to navigate options and tab to perform your delete task quickly. Be very sure before deleting any Google Community having so many members.

Step 1: Login to Google Plus, first time user J you can use the same user name and password which you are using for Google mail.

Login to Google Plus

Step 2:  Click on the Google Communities, you will see all the community created / joined by you. May be you wants to delete couple of them? Select the community which you want to delete. Go to Action-> Edit Community

Image 1: Select Google Community Tab

Image 2: Select Google Community Modify/Delete

Image 3: Action Edit Google Community

Step 3: Scroll Down, you will see delete this community link on the left side. Click on the delete community link. Confirm your delete action.

Image 4: Action Delete Google Community

Image 5: Action Delete Confirm Google Community

Some thing is missing yeh, if by mistake you have deleted your Google Community then what. How to recover deleted Google Community? Let me know if you faced such incident.

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  1. One more thing You should have a good amount of moderators in your community, which will help you for daily review and maintenance of the google plus community. Hey Pankaj, can you write some topic on the Google Plus notification !

  2. This is very helpful post for me, let me make this more simple 🙂
    This is how to delete a google plus community.
    1. Go to your community
    2.Click on “Actions” under the community picture
    3.Click on “Edit Community” which is the third one
    4.Click on “Delete Communtity
    5. Done!

    • I found very interesting top 25 biggest Google Plus community, posting here may be helpful for other reader’s 🙂

      Google+ Discuss

      The Photo Community
      Trey Ratcliff

      Fraser Cain

      Makers, hackers, artists & engineers
      Adafruit Industries

      Oliver Nispel


      Star Wars
      Star Wars

      Android Development
      Android Developers

      Android Central

      National Geographic

      HDR Photography
      Trey Ratcliff

      Landscape Photography
      Jay Patel


      Jorge Castro

      5,100+ members by +Alex Wolkov

      5,000+ members by +Cliff Wade

      Design For The Modern World


      Google+ Photographic Society
      Dirk Moeller

      Hacker News
      Jason Kolb

      Richard A. Berrios

      Marques Brownlee

      deviantART Community

      Hakan Gül

      Brett Johnson

      Android Design
      Android Developers

  3. Hey, I have one community which I wan’s to make privet, Is this possible to make any Google Plus community from public to private?

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