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One of the most popular formats of movies on DVD is video_ts, which is a reliable and clear format that allows perfect clarity of image. On the other hand, this format is not accepted by any device, and sometimes it is needed to change the video_ts into a format that can be edited and changed. For this reason, it is important to have a program at your disposal that allows you to convert video_ts to avi.

Why is video_ts so reliable?

It is important to convert video_ts to avi if you want to edit the respective file with programs such as Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas. Those editing programs allow you to edit a large number of features in a movie, but the Video_ts format is not accepted. The Aimer Soft Video Converter allows you to transform any popular format into another format, which is especially important in case of the video_ts files.

Aimersoft Video Converter

You might want to copy a movie on a DVD, and in this scenario, you will need the avi format. If you have the movie in video_ts format, you just need to use the program to convert video_ts to avi, and you can have the movie on DVD in a few minutes.

The program comes with Windows and MAC versions, being free to download and to use on those devices. There is a free version, and even if it is recommended to buy the full version, you need to know that the free version has all the needed converting and editing facilities. The paid version is recommended for advanced editors, but once you will discover how reliable the program can be, you would probably want to buy the full version of it, to benefit of all the facilities and features of this program.

The video_ts transformed can be used by anyone, because of its intuitive interface and reliability. If you need to convert video_ts to avi, you need to load the video into the program. From there, you can edit the options, features and preferences, so the final version would be different an a lot better than the initial one. Once you have established the output preferences, you can hit the button, and you will have your new movie ready in the shortest time possible.

Besides this type of conversion, Aimersoft is able to transform any popular format into another format. This way, you can easily transfer any file from your Windows desktop computer to your MAC, as you are sure that the program would recognize the respective type of file. This way, you can carry around your movie collection, and you can access it from any terminal with ease.

The quality of the movie is preserved for any kind of transformation. In addition, you can even improve some aspects of the movie, which is a useful facility especially for old movies. Once you discover this converter, you won’t need any other kind of tool of this kind, and you will have a great method at your disposal to manage any type of video file. If you want to learn more, please visit

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