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High Quality avi to mp4 Converter

There would be many videos in the list of your collection that will have the AVI format and would be occupying a large chunk of your memory. AVI stands for audio video interleaving and such kind of video files have a major drawback that the compression ratio of such video files is not at all acceptable when memory utilization is of utmost importance. Apart from having a large share of memory this format is not supported by many devices including mobile devices. These mobile or apple devices have a limited video compatibility and if you wish to play your AVI files on this it may pop unsupported content.

This doesn’t means your collection is of no use. It is, all you need to do is to know how to convert AVI to MP4. This format allows digital streaming of your videos thus providing a better experience in playing the video files and also helps your movies and videos to be played in your apple devices and mobile phones.

There are many video converters that can solve your problems. Video converters are the tools that allow you change the format of your video files and make them compatible with your devices. Your device being an apple device or a Smartphone you can change your video as per the format supported by your device. For this the decision of selecting the video converters should be made wisely among the various other video converters available. Video converters are capable of converting the videos without interfering in the video qualities of the files and hence give you the newly converted collection of videos that can be played with ease.

Aimer soft ultimate converter is one such converter that you can choose to convert your video files and tell you about how to convert AVI to MP4. This is supported by all the newly launched OS even with windows 8 you can run this software. This is available on the internet free of cost all you have to download this and get it installed on your system. Once this video converter is downloaded and installed in the system. You have to go through a simple few steps and your video conversion will be done.

Open the window that is displayed from the video converter option and insert any of the video from your collection that is present in AVI format. Next you need to choose your device and the list of supported formats will be displayed in front of you choose any of the format or you can also choose any format that you wish to have your video file in such as MP$. You can perform editing in your video by re-sizing and defining the frame size as per your desire by editing the video option, must keep in mind this step is optional. If you don’t want any change you can skip it and your video file will be converted on the default values of the system. Finally select ok and your video will be converted in the mentioned format. If you wish you know more aimer soft ultimate converter.


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