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For some small business owners, social media marketing may be an intimidating prospect. This is because many business owners know at least the basics about setting up a professional website and marketing through more traditional means like billboards and advertisements, but many have no idea how to appeal to a much wider audience through the use of social media. If you find yourself stressing out about how to gain business exposure through social media, take a moment to relax and read these helpful tips.

1.     Hire a Social Marketing Manager

If your funds allow it, you should put out a job advertisement for a social marketing manager. Not only will this help relieve some stress that is currently on your shoulders, but it will also help ensure that you use social media’s maximum potential to increase loyalty to your business and attract more customers. If you don’t currently have the budget to devote to a social marketing manager and you feel fairly confident in your ability to do the job properly on your own, continue following the remaining tips listed here.

2.     Start Small

You don’t have to enter the social media world with a gigantic bang, so don’t let that stress you out. Instead, try starting small with simple business profiles on some of the most well-known social media sites. Don’t feel like you need to spend a lot of money or a ton of effort making your profiles look extremely flashy. Remember, social media profiles are not the same thing as official websites. Instead, social media has the power to draw more customers to your official l website if you utilize it correctly, so spend your money on your official website and make your social media profiles simple and attractive without overdoing it.

3.     Provide Incentives

Sometimes people need a little extra push to get them to visit your social media profile. If you want to increase your following while simultaneously increasing customer retention, be sure to provide incentives for visiting your social media page. For example, consider having a contest for your social media followers that will allow them to enter to win a great prize. Free products or gift cards for your business make some of the best prizes because they serve the dual function of attracting new customers and giving your products more exposure.

Make it simple and easy to enter the contest by having the customers provide their contact information and providing them with a copy of the official contest rules. Don’t forget to have contest entrants visit your social media page and “like” or “share” it as part of the contest registration process.

4.     Check Out The Competition

If you are wondering how your competition is gaining so much social media exposure, try to learn how they do it. Check out their social media profiles and figure out which sites are attracting the most followers. You should also pay close attention to any special contests they offer and the type of information that they periodically post. If your competition is using social media to their advantage, figure out how they are doing it and try to incorporate what you have learned into your own social media advertising techniques.

Remember that gaining business exposure through the use of social media takes time, so be patient. Your chances of gaining a following will increase if you follow the above tips, but don’t be afraid to experiment with social media and find out what works best for you.

Article courtesy of Kobie Marketing.

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