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Of all of the social media networks frequently used today, such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram, not one of them was even in existence 10 years ago (Facebook was launched in 2004). Yet, unless you’re living under a rock, almost every facet of the average person’s daily life is somehow touched by social media, whether it is by their own personal use or business use, or by social media’s obvious widespread influence on mass media campaigns by large and small businesses everywhere you look (you know, those signs in stores that say “Like us on Facebook!!!).

That said, according to scientific studies, this new overwhelming societal impact social media has on our daily lives doesn’t stop at what pictures we take, what stores we buy from, or what businesses we work with, but also, social media has proven to have a psychological impact on our brains. Things like our memory, attention spans, and overall cognitive and developmental functions, will never be the way they used to be thanks to the overwhelming impact of Social media on our lives.

This infographic, Social Media is Ruining Our Minds, sheds light on this phenomenon, and while it doesn’t have all the answers, it gives a great amount of education on this alarming fact that Social Media is actually quite possibly ruining our minds as we speak.

INFOGRAPHIC – Graphical presentation “How Social Media is Ruining Our Minds”

How Social Media is Ruining Our Minds

This infographic was created by Assisted Living Today, where you can find assisted living and answers to questions such as, how much should nursing home care cost?


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