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Do you remember when computers first came onto the scene; everyone would get so excited over the very basic games offered and spend hours playing them in black and white?

Back then the computers were like bricks, they took up mountains of space on any desk, you could only get a black and white screen and they were so slow. Playing one game seemed to take hours and the graphics in those days was nothing to write home about.

How we have progressed since then. Today we have blistering fast computers, colour monitors and outstanding graphics, some of the games are so graphic intense that they cannot play on a regular computer and you need a specialised gaming computer just to play them.

Of course we can also thank the internet which has helped us when it comes to online gaming. Online gaming was always considered rather anti-social, you sat in front of a computer and played some basic game, often a card game such as Solitaire and never went out with friends because you were gaming. Friends would visit and you would sit for hours trying to achieve success on a basic black and white and very heavy looking computer system.

How Has Gaming Changed

Where to start when you look at how gaming starts, first off, you can literally find any game you desire on the computer from car racing, gambling, role playing and even social interaction games. Multi-player games have increased in success with more people playing them on a daily basis, but does this mean that computer gaming is still anti-social behaviour?

Multi-player games offer gamers the ability to play together with people who aren’t in the same room or in some cases, the same country, as they are. Working together as a team gamers work to defeat certain players and win levels. It’s exciting stuff that offers excellent graphics, social interaction and is played online, so thank goodness for fast internet connections.

Types of Online Games

There is such a wide selection of online games available, since the internet online gaming has opened up so many opportunities for gamers enabling them to play a host of games. There are a number of strategic games, games that really make you think and where you need to put your thinking cap on to win, these are excellent and get your mind working, what’s more players get to use logic and this may even flow into their daily lives.

Then there are the gambling games such as bingo, poker and slots. These have also increased in popularity, enabling users to enjoy a strategic game while making some extra money on the side. The games offered online when it comes to gambling are also sociable games, so players can interact the same as they would in multi-player games and these are increasing in popularity on a daily basis.

Role playing multi-player games are the most popular online games today, thousands of players worldwide come together in a virtual reality, they build friendships, make teams and work together to achieve goals and defeat enemies. I really can’t believe how popular these games have become and have to wonder if they are still considered as anti-social. Friends find each other online and can still play together even if they are both in their own individual homes, players make new friends from all over the world and they all chat together in constant social interaction.

Other popular online games include racing games, this may be cars or bikes and then there are a lot of simulation games. Learn to fly an air plane, drive a train or even build a complete city. There is even a simulation game where you need to build a green city, going green is so important and in this game you need to use wind energy and solar to build your empire, these games make you think, strategize and use your logic in order to achieve success.

What Will The Future Bring?

Just when you think online gaming cannot get any better, it does. With fast internet connections and some cable connections offering staggering speeds, players now enjoy seamless gaming where the signal is static and they aren’t cut off in the middle of an important battle or strategic move.

The actual internet connection and the improvement of fibre optic technology has played an important role in online gaming offering players the ability to play any time they choose and not have a lagged gaming experience. Before fast internet you would choose a game and there would be a delay between telling the computer what to do and it actually doing it, this affected the game play and in some cases even stopped people from playing.

When you are sitting at home along playing online games you want speed, you want action and you want your computer to respond quickly so you can ensure you win the game and don’t get left behind, thanks to the internet this has changed in leaps and bounds.

There are so many great online games available, you can learn how to play poker for free, you can join a simulation world and meet new people or you can build empires and watch them thrive.

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