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Now a days very less number of people are using orkut even after so much upgradations in security as well as GUI. Users are much interested in Facebook and twitter kind of sites. Well, whatever the reason is orkut is now no more it was before. Many reasons can be suggested, the best I consider is that Facebook rise. It’s openness and features worked like magnets and orkut remained the same. Even if the the graphs are growing, facebook is the king.

I wonder if their is any project to renovate orkut but google+ is the best of the answers. It is the best attempt ever made by Googleto competitor Facebook and due to the reasons of Facebook boom and also due to Google popularity and promotion. Now answering this question, I feel that orkut still has the massive user base, mostly dormant. This meaning that few are inactive and few are active. Meaning the majority are conscious about Orkut/Google and will return if they are provided with facilities, those who left to join Facebook and twitter.Google+ is really the one for it, all the buzzing features. Therefore I feel that huge numbers will come up for google+ and google should acknowledge that. Hence I feel there are millions of eager fans who are up for it, only they will raise google up.

Twice a year (in June and in December), Vincenzo Cosenza creates a “world map of social networks”, showing the dominant social networks by country, based on traffic data gathered from Alexa and Google Trends for Websites.Out of 137 countries, Facebook is the leading social network in 126 countries and Europe is the largest continent on Facebook with 232 million users, says Vincenzo.The data provided for India states that Facebook and LinkedIn at number one and two respectively, which are not really surprising. However, it is interesting to see that Orkut is still one of the popular networks in India and has been ranked at the third position. Unofficially we are aware that Orkut is no more the most active social network in India and as confirmed by Vincenzo, the study has been done on total number of users.

Why Orkut is still alive and how Google wants to integrate it with Google Plus, is a story that is yet under covers, although Pluggd in had reported some time back that now you can connect your Google Plus with Orkut. Apart from this news , nothing much has happened in Orkut in terms of feature upgradation. So we will have to wait and watch to see what happens with Orkut.

Google’s first social network Orkut will now let its users link their profiles to Google+,Orkut users will be able to automatically share their public posts on both networks at the same time.However, Google insists that linking accounts will not result in any privacy issues, an approach which reflects its desire to do better than Facebook.

Your Google+ posts to limited audience or specific circles will remain on Google+ only and will be subject to your privacy settings. As a result, linking your profiles will also make it easier for your Orkut friends to find you on Google+.  In addition, even after you link them, you can decide if you want to share your public posts with your Orkut friends or not just by accessing your Orkut settings. Still, the company wants to make it clear there will not be a forced merger between the two networks at this stage: Linking your Orkut and Google+ profiles is optional and you can decide whether you want to do it or not.

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