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This is my first WordPress plugin. Google Plus is now almost used by all the website and blogs. Google plus can easily configures in the web sites and blogs. Then I why I write this plugin, there are so many good reasons –

  1. Automatically display Google +1 button Above the post, below the post, both above and below or floating left side of post.
  2. Option to select the different button style (Standard, small, medium and Tall)
  3. JavaScript is by default loaded in footer (recommended).
  4. Left side floating option can be configured. The top and left spacing can be configured according to your site layout. Also the floating position of button can be fixed or absolute. All can be easily configured.
  5. Option to manually display the share box at any position.

download Google plus 1 button

Installation Steps

Very easy to install, similar to rest of the plugins.

  1. Download and unzip the plugin .zip.
  2. Copy the unzipped folder in your Plugins directory under wordpress installation. (wp-content/plugins)
  3. Activate the plugin through the plugin window in the admin panel.
  4. Configure the settings through Settings->TWG Social Share in the admin panel.

Place Google plus one button using the PHP tag 

Insert below code any where to insert the Google plus one button in your wordpress blog.

<?php rp_gpo_share(); ?>

Check Best Google Plus One Social WordPress Plugin on WordPress


Configuration and Implementation

After Installation and activation you will have Setting->Google +1 Share link in the WordPress admin panel. Click on the link you will get the below screen.

Google plus one plugin

You can adjust the Button Size

Button Size

Button Location-

button location

Other settings like left side floating space, button postion etc-

spacing and position

  1. Google Plus Developer says:


    Nice plugin Pankaj. I have also coded one google plus WordPress module, which is my first WP module like yours.
    Here it is:

    It displays your latest post from Google Plus on your WP blog (only public post). Hope you like it! Let me know your feedback.


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