Think you have a pretty good website? You’ve spent months preparing it with your design team and now it has finally gone live. It looks great and the quality of the content is already shaping up to be something quite special. You’re getting traffic too, and it’s amazing how much traffic you’re getting. Then the email comes in from a client who has decided that they just cannot stand your website. You can’t understand why this is until they let you know that they spent the last two weeks travelling the country on a sales call and they couldn’t access your website easily on their smartphone.

Smartphones are rapidly becoming the number one way in which people access the Internet. And this means that more and more people will first come across your website via their phones. The only problem is that many companies don’t think about having a website that is mobile friendly. Instead, they just leave the site visitor to come across a smaller website that takes longer to navigate on the small screen. This simple ‘port’ across of your current website frustrates customers because they feel you are not accepting the fact that they love their phones, and they expect your site to be accessible and efficient.

Mobile Website Options

So what options do you have? Well, once you have chosen your web design team, you need to make sure that you have told them you are fully committed to having a presence on smartphones. Then you have to decide which way to go as regards how you establish that presence. There are two distinct ways of making sure that your web presence is appropriate on smartphones. You either go the whole hog and develop a mobile site that is accessible by phones and is different from your website, or you create an exclusive mobile app that delivers the experience of the website but optimized for smartphones.

A variety of mobile websites

The advantages of having a mobile app are many. They are easy to use, and customers are very keen to load up an app quickly and not have to access the Internet. However, they can be quite limited in scope and unable to offer the functionality you need. You may want to consider a mobile version of your website, which will offer more functionality and have a closer look and feel to your original website. Whichever model you choose, be sure to discuss it in detail with your web design team. A good web design team should be able to offer you some great advice on which way to go.

O. Divone is a content writer specializing in Web Design in Edmonton, AB.