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Getting More Facebook Likes that Matter ! Being present on social media isn’t only a recommended part of promotional strategy for brands, blogs, big and small businesses and everyone who is taking their online presence seriously; it has been a must for some time now, and yet many are having a hard time establishing their presence, finding the audience and engaging with them the right way. Even Facebook, THE mainstream social network that everyone and their grandmother is using for years, is giving headaches to those who are only just starting building their presence there.

Getting More Facebook Likes that Matter:

Getting the Facebook likes for a fan page can be really easy: you can just go and buy yourself some if you don’t have the time to bother with building your community. The usual premise is: OK, now we have thousands of fans, let’s start sharing something interesting and they will share our page further, so we’re all set. Well, not so much so; what usually follows is: “Why the heck aren’t they responding/liking/commenting/sharing?” Like they are dead. And they are, at least as far as your fan page is concerned – even if you got lucky enough to buy the likes of real people (which usually isn’t the case), you didn’t buy their enthusiasm and their general interest in your page. Sorry to break it to you, but you can’t buy these things. You have to do some work and earn them. Luckily, there are a few things that will make your Facebook life easier.

Getting More Facebook Like !

Promote your Facebook page any chance you get – to the right people

Especially if you’re just starting out with building your community, the promotion of your fan page should be on your mind in every occasion where you’re promoting your business, online and offline. Since you’re already presenting relevant content to the groups of people who are interested in it, getting them to join you on Facebook will be much easier, since the context is the same, or closely related. You will also be sure that these people will be more likely to become active fans, and a smaller number of active and engaged fans always beats the bigger number of the passive ones.

To entice them a bit more, let them know what they will get out of it: that you’re publishing interesting material which they will be notified about, that you have special promotions for your Facebook fans, that your customer service is also involved in managing the page – whatever it is that you provide through the fan page, let the people know about it.

Ways to promote your page online

As we’ve already said, you should mention your Facebook page whenever you have the chance. That includes:

Guest posts: you are usually allowed two links in the bio section – use one of them to invite people to join you on Facebook. Make sure that you include a strong reason why they’d want to do it, not just to leave the link.

Your blog: mention your page often in your posts, and if you’re organizing contests and giveaways there, promote them as well. For the contests, create a dedicated blog post about it and put a banner with the prize in the sidebar for those who don’t read your blog regularly.

Webinars: if you’re holding webinars, use the occasion to invite people to join you on Facebook, and do it while the webinar lasts, in the most interesting part of it. The attendees are already online and they’re in the mood to connect with you, it makes you more “real” to them. Put the URL of the page on the screen and let them know that you’ll wait for them to go and “like” the page (just be careful not to make it sound like you’re pushing them).

Emails: include the link to the fan page to your business emails, with a call to action that explains the benefits of joining.

Andrew Handley has one more piece of advice – be a good admin and engage with your fans: not only will that help you keep the existing fans active, but it will also help in getting more likes because it will increase your visibility on Facebook. You can read more of his writing on his g+ page.

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