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Since the conception of gambling, which dates back to thousands of years ago, the casino gaming industry has gone through an extensive evolution. What originated with simple elements such as dice, and playing cards, has transformed into a booming industry with gaming facilities scattered all around the world, with major hubs in places like Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, and Macau. Land-based casinos are just the tip of the iceberg, however, when it comes to the gambling community. While players still flock to the nearest casino for a chance to win big, casino cafes, online, and mobile casinos have taken the world by storm as a result of society’s inclination toward convenience. Individuals no longer even have to get out of bed to enjoy their favorite games, as well as take advantage of all the added benefits a casino has to offer, such as frequent promotions, and lucrative rewards programs. The downside to such convenience? Some still crave the classic ambiance promised by a casino. Some prefer to be surrounded by people, to hear the dinging of nearby Slot machines, the voices of dealers, the shuffling of cards, and the clinking of chips. While online and mobile options typically feature games that incorporate sound effects, there are some things that simply cannot be imitated; or can they?

Though you won’t find anything that comes close to the environment of a bustling, real-life casino online or via your mobile device, today’s impressive technology may just have a solution: virtual reality (VR). For those who may not be particularly well-versed on the topic of virtual reality, it is a computer-based technology, in which the purpose is to recreate an environment, while replicating a user’s physical presence, in a way that allows an individual to interact with it through a sensory experience. In other words, a person is able to launch an artificial setting, most often from the convenience of their own home, and interact with it by way of sight, touch, smell, and/or sound, as if they were literally in the artificially created environment; the closest one may ever get to teleportation. Virtual reality, combined with gambling allows players to feel as if they are literally inside a gambling facility, even though they are actually at home, using their desktop or mobile device.

Some argue the real casino experience has already been recreated via live casino/dealer options available at a number of online casinos, questioning whether there is any real purpose for virtual reality in the world of gambling. The only real comeback to this argument is that, while some gamble to win, it has been speculated that a striking number of gamblers actually play for the thrill. Virtual reality promises, not only the recreation of this rush, but an intensified version of it.

Confused? Here’s how it works: In order to access virtual reality games, a pair of VR goggles or a 3D PC is required. VR goggles are made up of polarized lenses, designed to display two images, one per each eye. Some are also enhanced with head tracking systems, which connect to a computer, in order to send signals to control the 3D images viewed by the individual wearing the goggles. Additionally, some are also compatible with a separate tracking device, which follows the user’s movements, to accurately adjust the images. The ultimate goal is to produce a world or environment as close to that in reality as possible.




Virtual reality casino games are already in existence from companies like IGT, Microgaming, and Playtech. Additionally, Slots Million, launched in 2014, serves as the first online 3D virtual reality casino. It is committed to providing players with the largest amount of quality slots online, which can be played for real money. Individuals can take advantage of their own, private casino room with more than 40 games available in VR. All gamers need to do is download the app, and login to explore what it’s like to play in VR. The games are available for play in 3D, straight from a PC, or via the use of the occulus rift, the latest creation in virtual reality, scheduled to launch on March 28th, 2016. While similar to traditional goggles, the rift is simply more advanced, using state-of-the-art displays and optics.

Though VR is still a fairly new concept in the world of gambling, it is one that may very well turn the industry on its head, with its ability to enhance the rush that accompanies the act of gambling, by allowing players to add new elements to game play. The cost for virtual reality is not cheap, however. With the latest occulus rift set to hit the stores this month, the gadget is expected to set consumers back a few hundred bucks. But, what’s a few hundred bucks for the ultimate convenience when it comes to gambling, and a guaranteed rush unlike any other? Just think of the gas money you’ll save.

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