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Do you like to play games online? Below, check out our list of official remakes, ports and offers of classic video games that found new life on social platforms and free sites.

1. Age of Empires Online


The venerable Age of Empires franchise from Microsoft hit the company’s LIVE gaming platform this year, and you can join the real-time strategy melee for free.

While some stalwart fans lamented the offering’s “cartoonish” graphics, the social features and horde of new gameplay options satisfied many players looking for a free strategy fix.

2.  Quake LIVE


Id Software, the company that defined the modern first-person shooter with games like Wolfenstein 3Dand Doom, also had a mega hit with Quake in 1996.

Quake’s online community remains passionate to this day, and id breathed new life into the aging title with Quake LIVE, a free, web-based portal where fans can frag each other online to their hearts’ content.

3. Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of Neverwinter


Forgotten Realms is a longstanding game world for tabletop Dungeons & Dragons that found its digital legs in 2002’s Neverwinter Nights from BioWare.

After a successful sequel and the birth of a strong modding community, the franchise has made the leap to Facebook with an experience more reminiscent of the board games than the PC versions.

4. Team Fortress 2


Beloved multiplayer FPS Team Fortress 2 was made free-to-play by Valve last summer, and new players flocked to the addictive title.

The game is supported by downloadable content: hats and other accessories that let you customize your character, but don’t affect the competitive balance.

5. Asteroids Online


Atari has been busy getting its classic back catalog onto the web. A free portal lets you play updated versions of the old console standbys, including the inertia-bending Asteroids.


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