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Most of us consider ourselves Facebook experts by now – but the truth is, the super social network’s got so many tricks up its sleeve that it can be hard to keep up with just how many things you can do on the most popular platform in the world. Particularly since all Facebookers have now been forced into adapting the Timeline format, lots of people – even power users – don’t know just how much you can do on the network.

Here’s a roundup of some of the lesser-known tips for getting the most out of your Facebook experience:

Five Facebook Tricks

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View Pictures in Full-Screen Mode: When you are perusing through a friend’s album, if you click on an image and hover over it, a menu will appear below the shot. Just choose Options>Enter Fullscreen, and you’ve changed your viewing experience significantly. (Hit your Escape key to revert back to normal viewing mode).

Keep Your News Reading Private: There are tons of social reading apps on FB, but not all of us want all of our friends to know how obsessed we are with Lindsay Lohan’s acts of debauchery. To change settings on the apps you are already reading from, go to Account Settings>Apps>Edit. In the box that opens, you’ll see: “Posts on your behalf – Who can see posts this app makes for you on your Facebook timeline?” Select “Only Me”, et voila – follow up on Lindsay’s shenanigans to your heart’s desire – in secret.

Spice Up Your Map: Did you know that even after the fact, you can add locations to images previously uploaded? Furthermore, you can retrospectively add pizzazz to your map with pictures. Just click the “Photos” box beneath your cover photos, then choose “Add Photos to Map” where you can scroll through your shots and add the geo data you prefer.

Manipulate the Pics on Your Timeline: Most of us let out a loud “Ugh!” when we were forced to switch to Timeline, in part due to the way our images appear on our wall. But fret no longer – you can manipulate your images and reposition them to appear as you wish. Just click the “Edit or Remove” icon in the corner of the posted pic and select “Reposition Photo”. From there, you can drag and drop until your satisfied with the way your shot looks.

Dodge Friends You Don’t Want to Chat With: There is, undoubtedly, a handful of “friends” you’d rather not chat with all the time. So, hide from them! Just get to your chat window, click on a person’s name as though you were about to chat with them, and then hit the cog icon at the top right.


Janice Bevilacqua, freelance writer and contributor to extended warranty company CPS, writes primarily on tech-related subjects.

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