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First time visitors don’t magically find their way to your blog, you need to work for them. You need to post new content, you need to optimize that content and you need to build all manner of backlinks. First time visitors require hard work on your part.

Because of this, when they find their way onto your blog, you need to make the most of it. And the one thing that you don’t want to happen is for them to bounce before they realise how great your blog is.

How to Make a Good First Impression With Your Blog:

If you want to keep your bounce rates low, you need to make a good first impression. You need to announce, within the first few seconds of their arrival, that there’s content on your blog worth reading. Here are seven tips for doing just that.

Add a Professional Logo and Tagline

All the best blogs have logos. Custom logos have become so common that if you want to be taken seriously, you need to invest in one. They are not expensive but their absence can be. Underneath your logo, there should be a killer tagline. In a single sentence it should say what your blog is all about. It should be both informative and memorable.

Insist on One Killer Post Title

Most bloggers agree that the most important sentence in any post is the title. Never is this more the case than when that post is on your homepage. A great title can encourage people to stay. A poor title can have the opposite effect. Always take special care to have at least one killer post title in a prominent position on your blogs homepage.

Clearly List the Topics that you Cover

If your blog covers multiple topics or sub topics, make sure that you advertise this fact. List your blogs post categories prominently across the top. Not only is doing so an important part of making a good first impression, it’s also an essential part of an effective navigation system.

Advertise Your Popularity

If you’ve managed to amass a few hundred likes, followers or subscribers, you should broadcast this fact to all who visit your site. Nothing says credibility quite like proven popularity. It is worth noting however that this only applies if you have an established blog. If you have less than a hundred likes, don’t broadcast that fact.

Keep Things Clean

Don’t sacrifice your blogs style for advertising revenue. In the long run, it’s always going to cost you. Keep your blog looking professional with a minimalist design. Provide plenty of white space both in your posts and between them. Take a look at the most popular blogs online, their advertisements don’t flash.

Prominently Display Your Most Popular Posts

Install one of the many WordPress plug ins that allow you to display your blogs most popular posts. When you display your top five posts, you are giving first time visitors five more reasons to stay on your blog. Label them as popular and display them prominently. After a few weeks, your analytics package is likely to confirm that doing so was a clever move to make.

Be Unique

Finally, few first impressions are as unattractive as a false sense of déjà vu. You wouldn’t post duplicate content on your blog so don’t use a duplicate design. Assume that most of your blogs visitors will have visited your competitors in the past. Aim to look different. Aim to stand out. Immediately let them know that they’ve found a blog that’s both different and unique.

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