As psychologists continue to research the effects of the Internet on everyday web users, they are finding that Facebook has a lot to do with the increase in Internet addicts each year. Researchers have found that seeing that red notification box pop up on the screen creates an increase in dopamine, triggering to us that there is now an opportunity for making friends, socializing, working or finding romancing. The Internet is literally beginning to rewire and reshape our brains.

Internet addiction is becoming much more intense than it has been in the past. We are never disconnected from the Internet through the use of a computer, smart phone or television. Psychologists are beginning to see larger numbers of teenagers becoming addicted to websites such as Facebook. In fact, Internet addiction is a legitimate disorder that is going to be listed in the DSM-V next year. Fortunately, there are treatment goals in mind for addicts, including improved opportunities for socialization.

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facebook psychology - Internet Addiction