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Running a website is no longer about getting a lot of traffic. It is about providing users with the best user experience through means of optimizations. You can see that websites with better, more humane UX tend to perform better SEO-wise as well. Even search engine crawlers now prefer contents that are readable and useful to users. The same principles can be applied to local SEO. If you want to expand your local SEO campaign and reach more audience, you need to break the boundaries of conventional SEO practices and start focusing on your users.

Getting Keyword Ideas from Customers

At the end of the day, running a website is about keeping customers (visitors) happy. Instead of targeting just relevant keywords based on the market segment you are trying to reach, focus on keywords that your existing users are already using. Optimizing your site to better suit these keywords will make a huge impact.

Long-tail keywords, for instance, are no longer keywords you need to avoid. Instead, these keywords are great for reaching a more targeted user segment without spending a lot of time and effort in the process. Now that you don’t have to put a lot of efforts into targeting generic keywords, you can have a more optimize local SEO campaign.

Go Beyond Basic Optimization

Adding a suitable title tag and description is a must, but you need to also go beyond these simple optimizations to enhance the impact of your local SEO campaign. Adding the state and country to the description, headings and other essential element of the page, for instance, is a good set of optimizations that will increase your site’s local SEO performance greatly.

Alt tags are also useful for tagging images and making them more SEO friendly. Letting the search engine crawlers know that the photo is taken in Toronto, for instance, will increase the reach of your local SEO campaign by quite a long way. When users search for an image of Toronto and other similar content, your site will get the exposure it needs.

When doing optimizations, find the top ten pages with the most traffic or reach and start there. Once these pages are fully optimized, you can expand to other pages on the site. The approach allows you to focus on gaining more exposure using pages whose contents are already popular.

Local SEO

Get the Big Picture

Even when you are focusing on local SEO, it is still necessary to take a look at the bigger picture. Doing a review of how your competitors are doing and refining the keywords are targeting are the two things that must still be done regularly. You can use various tools as well as search metrics from multiple search engines to get the insights you need.

These insights are truly priceless. You can reach a more targeted local user segment by doing simple optimizations, as long as you know what to optimize. Thanks to these insights, enhancing your local SEO performance and reaching new audience should be very easy to do.

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