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Writing Articles and expressing your views are not sufficient to develop successful blogs, it requires more than just writing and putting the contents in a proper way. A professional Blogger must know about plan, strategies, Internet market, Zeitgeist, Search basics, Readers psychology, administration, Promotion and Making social Reputation. Here we are discussing few basics but essential skills which must be possessed by a blogger to get expected results.

Here we are giving chances to the Bloggers not just to know those essential skills but to evaluate yourself by summing total points you score, so take these following quizzes, answer it.

Know yourself– Everything starts from inside, First it creates in our mind and then it becomes real in the physical world so you must know about yourself. You must be aware about your strength, weakness, interest and passion. For example we can consider one situation where someone is passionate about cars and want to create a blog about it but he/she is weak in writing skill then he/she must work in that way.

1.            I know myself and my drive to the success.

2.            I know myself fairly enough.

3.            I am bit confused.

4.            I don’t care.

Conducting Keywords research-Most essential skill which helps us to not just know the market and its demand but to choose a better niche for our blogs. Google Keyword Tool and Zeitgeist are the best tool to do our keywords research.

1.            I have used it and know it very well.

2.            I am learning it.

3.            I have heard of it but never used.

4.            I have never heard of this.

Meaningful Content creation– Nobody likes reading purposeless articles, we must prepare our content which has meaning and purpose. Whether we are giving videos, media or writing articles, everything must make sense. Blog Posts must be focused and compelling.

1.            I always write meaningful contents.

2.            I try to do so.

3.            I write what I like.

4.            I never check.

Writing Skill-Many People think they can hire Ghost writer or freelancer to prepare their contents for Blogs but it doesn’t give best result every time. Sometime, due to communication gap, Freelancer can’t make it what and How Bloggers want it to be. Maybe, what we know about a subject or Topic which Freelancer can never find and express. We can take help of them but we must learn this skill as we can’t be dependent on any one to run our business.

1.            My writing skill is perfect.

2.            My writing skill is good enough.

3.            I write a few and hire Writers for rest.

4.            I am completely dependent on Ghost writers and freelancers.

Social Promotion– It includes building and maintaining a brand and community on different social sites, Promoting Blogs, being active on social media and interacting with people and taking their comments or compliments positively. It has helped many bloggers to have a huge number of audience for their blog and it can also help you.

1.            I have a great number of friends and followers.

2.            I am trying to make my Fanbase.

3.            I know how to promote on social sites.

4.            I have never used social sites in that way.

Basics of Search engine optimization-If we want to be in blogging for a longer time then we must possess SEO skills. We must know it to rank better and to dominate competition in different search engines. We won’t have a great position in Search result and a number of audience despite having a Blog with really good and rich information until you know SEO techniques and plugins to implement it.

1.            I am master in SEO Techniques.

2.            I know SEO Techniques and its implementation.

3.            I know little bit SEO.

4.            I have heard of this but never did.

Monetization-We must know different ways to monetize our Blogs if we are blogging for profit or any commercial purpose. Adsense, PPC, Banner, Affiliation and selling product or Services are very common ways of generating revenues. We must know to commercialize the traffic we are getting on our blogs to make it successful in every parameter.

1.            You bet- I know it perfectly.

2.            I know it.

3.            I am bit confuse with several ways of monetizing.

4.            I don’t know any.

Balancing life– Balancing your real life with blogging life is very crucial for everyone whether we are starting a new blog or managing an existing one. It can lead us to a happy and healthy environment which is very necessary to get everything positively and manage it to the success. We can’t give our best if we don’t follow balance path. An imbalance lifestyle may lead us to worst situation where nothing will be in our hands.

1.            I have a perfect timing routine for blogging and other tasks.

2.            I manage any how to get balance.

3.            I am still learning to balance both.

4.            I am unable to manage.

Consistency– Being consistent Blogger means to show that we are someone who can be counted on and we will provide same services each time. If people like reading our blogs then they wait for next posts and it really disappoints them if they don’t find posts on expected time. It is very necessary skill possessed by every successful person.

1.            I am consistent Blogger and my readers know it.

2.            I try to be consistent.

3.            I often get success to be consistent.

4.            being consistent is not my thing.

Blog metrics tracking– We must know our analytics report of our readers/viewer visits on our blogs. We must know our visitor’s behavior on our blogs, their comments and requests. It helps us to know our weak and strong parts of blogs where we need to work and where we need to improve. It also lets us know about what we need to sustain and what we need to remove. Successful bloggers make it part of their daily routine to check analytics and observe it to make their blogs better.

1.            I am expert in using and observing different analytics tool.

2.            I use Google Analytics tool.

3.            I am learning it.

4.            I am not aware of it.

Now, Tally up the numbers, and compare your result with the ranges of numbers below. Give yourself 5 points for every A answer, 3 points for every B, –1 for every C, and –3 for every D.

30-50 points- Our skill level is really high and we are very close to the success.

10-29 points- We need to learn many think but we are not that far from the success.

0-10 points-We still need to prepare well and learn to develop essential skills.

-1 and below-We need to focus on improving ourselves rather than thinking about success. We must get inspiration from successful people and concentrate on working harder.

Above specified basic but necessary Blogging skills are seemed to be so easy but these are not. These skills take time to develop inside. Each of above specified skills require a bit of knowledge and continuous efforts to develop.

  1. shoppingaholic Jiya says:

    Thanks for this great post!! It is really helpful for me. I will come back after a couple of weeks to see how much i have improved. My current score is 19, Thanks,

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