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If you are setting up the new disk on Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, then you will be provided with the options of MBR and GPT. Depending on your preference, you can either select the traditional MBR or you can select the new standard that is the GPT. Though, you will find that now GPT is slowly replacing the MBR, but still there are times when you will find that MBR is the most compatible and also imperative till date. GPT has its own advantages and the best part is that you can use it on almost all the major operating system, including Linux and Mac OS X.

MBR or the Master Boot Record and GPT or the GUID Partition Table are the two ways of storing information of partition on a particular drive. The information that is stored comprises of the partition start information. It makes the operating system aware of the bootable partition and the sectors of the partition. This is one of the main reasons behind the selection of MBR or GPT partition prior to the creation of partition on the drive. There are several ways of converting from MBR to GPT. You can either use the Diskpart command, Windows Disk Management or you can opt for the EaseUS partition master. You must always remember to take proper backup before you try any of the methods for the conversion of MBR to GPT.

Partition Master

Selecting the right way

There are several limitations of MBR partition and that is why users are more inclined to use the GPT. You will see that the MBR works well with 2TB disks, if you try to work with disks that are more than that, then it won’t work. Moreover, MBR is only supportive of 4 primary partitions and in case you want much more than that, then you will have to make use of one primary partition as an extended partition in which you will can craft logical partitions. On the other hand, GPT will allow you to create countless partitions where the partition limit depends on the operating system.

GPT has the flexibility of storing all the partitioning as well as boot data in more than one place across the disk, whereas if you look at MBR partition, then you will find that all the data is stored in one place only. In case, when the data gets corrupted or overwritten, then if you have MBR partition, then all your data will be lost, but if you are using GPT, then you are in safe hands. GPT will help you to retrieve the data from different location, in case one place gets corrupted.

So, it is always better to for the new standard partition of GPT. You won’t have to worry about the complication of partition or get confused with the command. Now, you can create the partition using the EaseUS Partition Master without any major hitches. The disc copy wizard that is there in EaseUS Partition Master will help you in accomplishing the task successfully.

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