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The internet is the fastest growing technology which has made things which once seemed impossible, possible. To be honest, I have never realized how much the world has changed in the past twenty years, and I find the evolution of the world wide web extremely fascinating. I have no idea how the future will look like, but I am eager to find out. Twenty years ago, people would not dare phantom the idea of making online purchases, or watching live feeds of concerts from thousands of miles away, but today, everything is just one click away. The internet has become an essential part of our life, a voyage of discovery andopportunities. Let’s take a look at the incredible evolution of digital connectivity.

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The Internet Twenty Years Ago

Back in the days when I was young, I didn’t have a mobile phone, nor did I have access to the internet. Every time I went out to play, I had to establish a clear rendezvous time, and place. It was impossible to contact my friends if I was late, and if this ever happened, it usually meant being left out. Nowadays, people are walking down the street with their messenger and Skype  open. They can never become lost, because they have maps and GPS. They will never become bored, because they can find out everything about the latest concerts, gigs and events with only one tap. But things weren’t always so. As a matter of fact, the internet of the past consisted of standalone machines. Networking was a subject of Sci-Fi movies, and dedicated phone lines had to make use of a dial up connection to a centralized data server in order to go online. Obviously, E-Commerce was a long way off as well.

Digital Connectivity

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The Internet Today

If we fast forward to the year 2013 we will realize how much the concept of digital technology has changed. Hardwired networks are still a ital part of the digital landscape and modern workplace, but mobile technology and Wi-Fi are the latest trend. If you don’t have access to the internet, you don’t exist. Companies, entrepreneurs, freelancers, CEOs, organizations and all kinds of successful individuals have embraced the future. In today’s world, if you go to an interview, you can be sure that your potential employer has already checked your Facebook or social media page.

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Moreover, we no longer make use solely of computers. With the way that technology has evolved, it is no surprise that we can take our devices everywhere we want. Smart-phones, desktops, laptops, and tablets are only a few of the more popular examples of devices which have become a must. And we should not forget about the appearance of Google Glass on the horizon of digital computing. More and more things which seemed like unattainable fantasies a few years ago, have become part of our everyday life. The internet isn’t just a place of discovery, it has evolved into a powerful market place for bloggers, writers, IT specialists, designers and developers. Link building, SEO practices and content creation have also become part of the ordinary.

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You may think that it is normal to be able to access so much information with ease, but the truth is that developers have went to great lengths to provide us with the technology that we see today. Dedicated phone-lines have become obsolete, and most companies have started to make use of VoIP. VoIP is a dedicated video calling system which uses internet bandwidth. A few years ago, WiFi hotspots were a rarity, but today you can find them everywhere.

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I have no idea what the future has in store for us, but I am positive that more and more devices will appear. We live in an age of hyper-mobility, and the hunger for information must be satisfied. Speed, navigability and easy access are priorities. One way or another, the rate at which the internet is evolving also means that people have to keep up with the changes, and scale their needs accordingly.

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