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Ready for start my day…checked my Twitter and Facebook right away. Sound common? The micro blogging like twitter is core to many of our digital lives and pleased spending lifestyle. But what really goes on in the Twitter world on a given day? One thing is for certain: What happens on Twitter doesn’t keep on on Twitter, and public use it to send link in the air about the web like mad.

Tweeters share photos more than no matter which else, and photos make up more than a third of all links shared on the social network. Post and articles make up just 16% of shares, while videos come in at just below 10%. Unavoidably YouTube controls there, making up six in 10 video posts. Among photos, most visiotors share directly from Twitter, while Instagram clocks in at 15%. These stats come to us via Diffbot‘s new Page Classifier API.

Among other attractive conclusions? Seven percent of tweeted links lead to an error page, while 8% link to a product. Live streamed personal video makes up more than 10% of video shares. Check out the infographic below here and let us know your comments — what is in your mind and your own experience?

Twitter: A Day in the Life

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