Social Networks

This infographic contains many excellent tips for avoiding online cyberscams when participating in social media. These include tips that you can discuss with your children and other family members to ensure protection for your entire family. Financial fraud is unfortunately rampant on the internet and learning these tips is an essential part of avoiding being a victim of such monetary scams.

Personal safety is also an important aspect of cyber security. It is important to know when and where to share personal information and when not to share it. This is especially true for children who may not be as weary of online “friends” as they should be. People pretending to be your friend can fish for personal information about you that can then threaten your real world safety and also make your online experience unpleasant. The practical tips given on this cyber security graphic could serve a variety of practical purposes. It is information that everyone who participates in social media should know and every parent should discuss with their children.


Cyber Security Image 800*646


Guest Post by Conosco – IT Support Services, London


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