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It is a CPM ( Cost Per Mile) network where you get pay for every impressions. Normally, joining with CPM networks is slightly tough job for bloggers with low traffic. Some CPM networks rejected my site when I met their requirements. Then I tried Contextweb CPM network and they approved my blog quickly.

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The Simple Way To MAXIMIZE Your Ad Revenue Where You:

Bhagabat Prasad
Hyderabad, INDIA

1. Name Your Own Price:
 With CONTEXTWEB, you can name your own price unlike many other ad networks that give you no control of your pricing options. That is why we guarantee that you receive 100% of your AskPrice for each sold impression.

2. Beat Your Current eCPM: When advertisers on the CONTEXTWEB Ad Exchange do not meet your AskPrice, they compete to beat your current eCPM that you are receiving from other ad networks like Google AdSense with the PerformancePrice.

3. Maximize Your Revenue & Limit Your Risk: If advertisers on the CONTEXTWEB Ad Exchange do not beat your current eCPM from your other ad networks, it will automatically be sent to your backup ad networks like Google AdSense. This guarantees that you’ll always make more money and never less when you work with CONTEXTWEB.


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