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Do you interact with your favorite companies on social networks? Perhaps you find information about big sales. Maybe you learned about the return of Walmart’s layaway services on Facebook. Perhaps you find out about the newest styles of Converse sneakers when they give their fans a sneak peak. Businesses have discovered that there is value in participating in social media, and many are actively developing their use of avenues like Facebook for advertising potential. Cultivating a relationship with customers through fun promotions, valuable coupons and opportunities to determine emphasis in new product development is important.

The names at the top of the list of companies achieving social media success might surprise you. Facebook is an obvious leader in fans, having a following of 77 million. Coca-Cola is the company with the second highest number of fans. The soft drink manufacturer is followed by MTV, Disney and Starbucks. The diversity in types of businesses ranking highest in social media followings indicates that the platform is beneficial to all kinds of companies.

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Source: Top Business Degrees

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