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Technology is the biggest boon of the globalization. The communication which was earlier limited is now available with just a click or a touch. The distances are nullified by the enhanced communication techniques which have been introduced and are getting improvised with each passing day. The mobile phones which are a must have for the generation of today are the prime reason for this nullified communication gap. The communication is the necessity of the human life today. Not only does it make people communicate endlessly with each other despite of long distances but also facilitates the business and many day to day activities which are completely dependent on communication.

Some of the latest applications which enable extensive communication and are hugely popular are as follows:

WhatsApp Messenger

This is one of the most popular communication applications which are broadly used by not only the youngsters but the people of all age groups. This application makes use of wi-fi or 3G data connection for its running. This application connects the users throughout the world who have installed WhatsApp through their unique phone numbers. Further it synchronizes all the contacts in the user’s cell phone and all of the contacts who have installed whatsapp appear automatically in the whatsapp contact list of the user. Not only this, the application enables the users to share audio files, video files, contacts, pictures and much more. It also facilitates the user to make groups of contacts and communicate as per the interest. The unwanted users can however be blocked just by a click. The number of messages one can send through whatsapp is unlimited and there are no national or international charges applicable. This application is free of cost for the first year and is chargeable from second year on-wards. Some of the other features of this application are contact icons, profile pictures, notification sounds, broadcasts etc. Hence this application is undoubtedly in the top communication application listings.


This is another top proclaiming application which is a must for the mobile phone users in the today’s generations. Skype is undoubtedly extensively popular owing to its endless and cost effective features. Skype is an application which enables the user to make voice calls and video calls free of cost. This application requires the wi-fi or 3G connectivity and the quality of communication is largely dependent upon the speed of the connections. The video calls can be easily done at any place and anywhere free of cost with another Skype user. This application can also be connected to the mobile phones completely for making calls however the carrier charger in such cases apply known as Skype credits which are necessary for making calls. The mobile phones having a front camera can easily make the user indulge into video calls and video conferences. This application not only caters to the personal uses but also the professional meetings and conferences and allows the people to participate from various places with sheer convenience.

Some of the other applications which facilitate better communication are face book messenger, yahoo mail, Gmail, write SMS by voice etc. These applications are the foundation of today’s extensive communication era and form the life support system of the major working population. However, seeing to the increasing need of communication oriented applications new additions and updates and researches are being made every day to make communication stronger and all in all a better experience on the mobile phones.

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