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Cloning is an essential process when you are backing up your system or trying to upgrade it. If we talk about cloning Mac hard drive, it can be achieved through different processes. With the help of cloning, you can create an exact duplicate copy of your hard drive which is bootable from your Mac. In the case of drive failure, this bootable copy will prove to be a life- saver.

Let us discuss two very famous apps to clone Mac hard drive efficiently: one is SuperDuper and the other is Stellar Drive Clone. In this post, we will discuss their features and performance


Stellar Drive Clone

This is a hard drive cloning utility application which creates mirror image or exact replicas of Mac- based volumes or hard drives. In case of any data loss, the cloned hard drive is a ready-to-use copy of the original drive which can be used to retrieve data.

It can clone the contents of Solid State Drives (SSD) to your Mac- based drive. It creates image of any Mac hard drive avoiding the bad sectors and unused file space, thus saving storage space. It has a very good option to take backup of files, folders from any partition from your Mac drive.

You can also choose ‘Schedule Periodic Backup’ to schedule timely backups in case you forget. It provides fast restoring of the data from cloned folder back to its original state. This Mac backup application provides the option to resize volumes on destination drive, hence saving a lot of space from getting wasted. It can clone exFAT drives with HFS+, HFS and FAT based drives. The hard disks formatted with MBR partition map scheme can also be cloned through Stellar Drive Clone software. The end- task activities of hard drive cloning can be customized too.

To clone Mac hard drive with Stellar Drive Clone, follow the steps below-

  • Prepare drive for cloning
  • Format your drive to be cloned through the Disk Utility app
  • Clone Mac hard drive
  • Download and install Stellar Drive Clone
  • Click on the ‘Clone’ option available on the left pane of the main interface
  • The next screen will ask for the source and destination drive in order to clone the disk. The Disk Clone also gives you the options; ‘Clone with resizing’ and ‘Clone without resizing’. After selecting your choices, click ‘Continue’
  • Using the ‘Restore’ option you can restore the data and files stored in the clone by simply selecting the path of the clone drive and the destination volume. At last, click ‘Continue’ to restore the data

Download link Stellar Drive Clone

Both the apps are different though useful in order to take hassle free backup of Mac  hard drives. These apps are efficient, fast and the interface is extremely easy to use. These are definitely the go-to software if you are looking to clone your Mac Drive.


This application gives you a wide range of options in cloning. It facilitates you with choosing a source drive and a destination drive in order to copy the data. It also has the option where you can erase all files from the destination drive before copying files from the source.

The software lets you deselect particular folders, files, or filename patterns to remove from their backup destination. An actual drive is used as destination whereas the source volume can be copied to a disk image which will not be bootable by itself but when restored to a drive, that drive will become bootable.

This application also lets you schedule all the backups so they can run unattended. Even if you are not registered for SuperDuper, it lets you create clone of your Mac. But you will not be able to unlock few very handy features like Smart Update. This feature lets you keep your clone updated without having to duplicate it, thus saving time.

Here are the steps involved to clone Mac hard drive using SuperDuper-

Prepare drive for cloning

  • Firstly, open the Disk Utility app
  • In the sidebar, click on the drive icon of the drive you want to clone
  • Click on the ERASE tab
  • From the Format menu make sure to select Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
  • Click on the Erase tab and verify your selection to erase the disk

If everything is followed properly, you will notice a new hard drive icon on your desktop.

Clone Mac hard drive

  • Download the SuperDuper app and double click on it to open it.
  • If your Mac’s hard drive is not selected by default, select it manually from the pop-

up menu next to copy.

  • Select the destination hard drive from the pop- up menu.
  • The current pop- up menu should read “Backup- all files” and click on the Copy Now button.
  • SuperDuper will now ask for the administrator password in order to continue. It will then copy all the files onto the new target drive.

Download link SuperDuper

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