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Games are never the same when played using the best gaming keypads for laptops. These keypads are well designed to give the user a feeling of ultimate control of any game. Well-constructed and equipped gaming keypads also aid you in playing games in smarter and faster ways. It is rather difficult to compare keyboards by looking at their outward designs and functionality since they vary vividly. However a clear analysis of the components and characteristics entailed in each keyboard will act as an aid in determining the best gaming keypads for laptops. Here are some of the top gaming keyboards available in the market.

The Razer Lycosa Mirror

With a wide array of gaming capabilities and its fully programmable hyper- response keys, the Razer Lycosa Mirror is a perfect gaming keyboard for any individual who takes games seriously. This keyboard uses advanced software in reprogramming the keys in order to suit a gamer’s needs. In addition, this keypad is stylish with a high gloss mirror finishing that makes it worth giving a try.

The Merc Stealth

The Merc Stealth is an illuminated gaming keyboard that includes different colors such as purple, red and blue for backlighting. Apart from its user-friendly hybrid design and colorful backlighting, this keyboard also has 125 predefined mapping layouts, rubberized keys and many other major features that make it one of the best gaming keypads ever.

Optimus Maximus

For the high end user who would not mind spending to get your hands on a dream gaming keypad, the Optimus Maximus is right within your reach. Being the most expensive keypad that exists in the market at present, you should expect high levels of innovative and creative designs that have been merged to create the best gaming keypad ever. It comes with a fully customizable colored OLED display and even an option to change keys in a setup that you feel it will work out best. In addition, you can also switch between the QWERTY display modes and the gaming display.

Microsoft Sidewinder X6

With a keyboard that facilitates mode switching within a single button in addition to being convenient for a transition from the regular keypad to a gaming keyboard, you do not need anything more to make playing PC games a worthwhile experience. The Microsoft Sidewinder X6 comes with 30 programmable keys accompanied with dual colored backlighting to help you get in control of the game while enjoying every aspect of it. Other amazing features of this keypad include the ability to fit and detach the keypad on either side of the keyboard.

The Razer Tarantula

When it comes to elegance in gaming keypads, then you have to admit that the Razer tarantula steals the show here. This expertly designed laptop gaming keypad comes with 32KB of onboard memory, two USB ports and 10 programmable hotkeys. It is also recognized for its faster response time and extremely comfortable keys.

These keypads contain special features that help gamers to play whichever game they choose with total control. When choosing between these and many other varieties, as a gamer you should always go for one that you feel comfortable using.

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