When most people are starting their own WordPress blog they decide to go with a free theme. That’s OK if you are just going to be speaking about what you did last weekend, but if you want to run a proper business you need to go with a premium theme. The last thing you want to do is have a website that looks like every single other one on the Internet. No proper business does that.

The design of your website is one of the most important things there are. Having a great looking premium theme tells people you mean business. You know what you are talking about. So they cost money, so what? Did you really expect to start a business with absolutely no money? It is possible and maybe you already have, but it needs to change.

Premium Theme1

Here are some great reasons why you should start with a premium theme, or upgrade whenever you have the chance.

Why Choosing A Premium Theme

Make changes to the design easier

Premium themes have a lot more options when it comes to the actual design of your website. Unless you know how to code you have next to no chance of getting it to look the way you want. The only other option you have is to hire an expensive designer. Wouldn’t it be easier to spend a hundred bucks and buy a premium theme? Once you get inside the theme you will see there are plenty of options that allow you to do more or less anything your heart desires. It also takes about 2 seconds to change something if you need to.

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A lot more secure

It stands to reason that a premium theme would be a lot more secure than a free one. When people are asking you for money you will know you are getting the real deal. Free themes are sweet, but I wouldn’t trust them with your business. The thing that will eventually put food in your children’s mouth. One day you can wake up and you have nothing. Some nasty little hacker has been in your site while you slept and deleted everything. It happens regularly so please don’t think it won’t happen to you. We are all under threat.

They are updated

Premium themes are always updated on a regular basis. Most free themes won’t be. It means you are always kept up to date with the newest features. The owner of the theme will make it his duty to turn it into the best theme on the Internet. This is even more true of the most popular premium themes where they are making an absolute killing from it. Unhappy customers means they make less money, so why wouldn’t they make sure it remained great?

This also crosses over into security because it stays one step ahead of the hackers. They are also compatible with the latest releases of WordPress. If your free theme is no longer compatible you will have to use a new one and destroy the design you have configured so perfectly. Imagine having to start all over when you are trying to concentrate on your business.


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Support is by your side

This one could be the biggest difference to people starting out. There is no doubt people will have lots of questions. What will you do if you have no-one to get in contact with? If someone isn’t making any money do you expect them to be around to answer everyone’s questions? You can expect all you want, but it’s very unlikely to happen. The top themes even have fully engaged forums where there will be thousands of people to help you with whatever you need. And expect to have problems solved in less than a day.

This guest post was written by Patrick from YarraWeb, a leading web design company in Melbourne. He contributes regularly to many popular web design blogs.