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In this post I am going o write about how to build a successful blog. Lot of people already write so many things about the blog writing. In this post my focus is only on 10 key of traffic and success to your blog. Must read, believe me this will help you a lots for your blog and websites.

How to Build a Successful Blog:

1.  Frequency of writing blog:  Frequency of writing posts matters a lot. Frequency of publishing post should be uniform. Write frequently for all the category in your blog.

Frequency Matters

2. Optimize Your posts: the other essential element of attracting more traffic through organic search is optimizing your blog posts. make sure your blog titles incorporate keywords that people enter in search engines as they conduct research.

Optimize Your posts

3. The Keyword post: what is the most important search engine keyword that you have not yet blogged about? take that keyword, and write a blog post about it. blogging is a great tool for driving search engine traffic. take advantage of it!

The Keyword post

 4. Be a problem Solver: Name the biggest problem your customers have. with that problem in mind, write a detailed blog post that provides practical and non-product focused solutions. solve your customers’ problems with content.

Be a problem Solver

5. Build Thought Leadership: use your blog as a platform to showcase your expertise on a given subject. Inject your knowledge of the industry into your blog posts, and make a clear distinction between your brand and your competition

Build Thought Leadership

6. Earn people’s Trust: In a recent survey, we asked respondents how much blogs affected their purchasing decisions. How often does one proceed to a purchase decision with blogging research? 71% of respondents said that blogs affect their purchasing decisions either somewhat or very much.

 Earn people’s Trust

7. Social Media Sharing: Give your blog content extended reach by including social media sharing buttons (e.g. “Like,” “share on LinkedIn,” “tweet,” etc.) on every post. this will encourage readers to share your content with their personal networks and expand its reach beyond your own connections. whenever you publish a new blog post, you should automatically publish it to the main social networks: twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. the most popular locations for buttons are above the content, below the content, or to the left of the content

Social Media Sharing

8. Eye-Catching & Optimized Titles: Headlines are the most important element of your blog posts. While there are quite a few elements that make up a successful blog post, one of the best things you can do to capture readers’ attention and entice them to view your post is to write an awesome blog title. Here are several title tips for eye-catching blog titles:

Eye-Catching & Optimized Titles

9. Entertaining: Informative doesn’t have to mean boring. Just because you sell sheet metal, doesn’t mean your business blog can’t also be entertaining. Have your shop crew make some fun and timely creations out of sheet metal and post an image or video of each new creation. Have someone outside your company review your blog post to check for entertainment.


10. Guest Bogging: Another method of generating content for your blog is to invite other industry experts to write guest posts for you. Use your network to find people who might be interested in guest blogging. Be confident in pitching them benefits of guest blogging.

Guest Bogging

  1. How to Build a Successful Blog – I have been blogging for over three years, in my view most important thing is the content that should be unique, some thing which will useful for your readers.

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