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An expressive and professional blog is liked by all. So, your blog must be published effectively. There are lots of platforms available to publish your blog, but blogger is one of the most powerful platforms to publish a blog. It is free and has all features which you can customize according to your own need. In this article, there are some tips which will help to improve blogger template and give it a professional look. Here, are the most important tips for the blog design, which one must follow to achieve success. A professional design increases the chances of achieving success. Now, read the following tips to make your blog professional.

1. Make it delightful and convenient for readers: It means that, you should use the proper font style and font size. The size of the font must be large enough, so that it can easily be read on high resolutions display screens. Secondly, the style of the font should not be highly stylized as it becomes difficult for the readers to read the text. You can use Veranda, Georgia or other fonts which are web friendly. This will give your blog a clean design and make it comfortable or convenient for the readers to read the content.

2. Choosing of colors: You can apply different font color to the text which is hyper linked. Only the hyperlinks must be underlined and the text will get underlined on the mouse over event.

3. Make an impressive blog logo: If you want to give a professional look to your blog, then you must design an impressive logo for your blog. You can design it by using any version of Adobe illustrator, Coral Draw or Adobe Photoshop. To make your blog title attractive use simple text with impressive font style. You can choose stylish font styles for your blog, available free of cost and you can choose it from Google Web Font Directory.

4. Designing header and footer: The 80% of your blog design depends on header and footer. Putting just the copyright content in the footer section is not enough; you should also use your logo, social sharing buttons, and recent posts widgets in footer. This will make your footer super cool. When people are not able to find something on your blog, then they often scroll on the footer to view necessary links like contact us, site maps etc. It is better to use the images in the background of header and footer instead of applying the solid background color.

5. Easy Navigation: Make your blog in such a way that the visitor can easily navigate on your blog. Don’t make use of splash pages or unnecessary ads and hinder their visit. These ads will distract the visitor from your blog. So don’t give them the chance to get skip from your blog. Your navigation menu must be simple and must display a complete summary of your blog.

6. Use professional images on your blog: Only plain text content is not enough for your blog. In blog, you should add impressive and attractive images along with the content. It will enhance the look of your blog. But be sure that, the images must relate to the content or the post. You can make your header more attractive by using an image representing the theme of blog. The header image must be sharp and clear, so that it can be easily read and understand.

7. Search engine friendly (search engine optimization): Search engine plays a significant role in increasing number of visitors on your blog. It is the most important part of your blog. Search engine friendly means that creating such a structure of your blog, which search engines can follow. One of the major culprits in search engines for not finding your site in search results is due to the links of images instead of text. Therefore, ensure that your links should be in the form of plain text. You must do the following for SEO effectiveness:

  • Optimize your Title tag
  •  Use Alt text for images
  • Add no follow tag to downloads and demo links
  • Add no follow tag to your comment links
  • Add no follow tag to label links.

All above suggestions will help you to make your blog effective. These will be the key for your blog success. This is just an attempt to share little knowledge with all the visitors, but this is not the all.

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Alderic is an author who is interested in written on SEO/ Web Design related topics. He is currently written for his SEO Rank Smart, who offers best SEO Packages to its clients you can see his work on his company site.

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