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There are a number of things that women can do in order to make themselves the best possible bloggers. These should help any woman out to get her blog to stand out from the competition. These tips involve points relating to social media, planning blog posts and getting each and every post checked to make sure that they are run the right way.

Social Media Planning

The first idea is to take a look at one’s social media groups. This includes taking a look at any kind of group that one is in but does not do anything with or is inactive in. It might be best to get out of any social media groups that one does not actually do anything in. This is to get one’s social media accounts to be a little easier to manage for any purpose.

Plan Ahead

The second tip is to plan blog posts ahead of time. It’s easier for any woman to understand what can be done by thinking about topics ahead of time and then preparing a schedule for when those topics are to be discussed. Understanding what one can do in order to get a blog promoted the right way is an important key to find when making any kind of blog look a little more professional.

In fact planning these posts in advance might make it easier for a blog to reach its SEO goals. Blogs that are updated more often are more likely to be searched through by search engine spiders, thus improving their overall ranks on these pages. It might be the key to getting a site to be more prominent on any kind of search engine.

Scheduling is Needed

Sticking with a logical schedule for these planned posts also helps. The problem with not communicating with some people in a blog involves the risk of possibly ignoring one’s readers, thus causing those readers to move on to different blogs. A good schedule must be set up in order to actually get more people to be interested in reading something.

Timing is a real point that has to be used carefully. Any woman blogger who wants her site to be more viable should make sure that all blog posts are prepared with relevancy in mind. This includes writing about what is happening now or what will be happening in the near future. Writing about the past is never a good idea because it only rehashes things that people are already familiar with.

Which Affiliate Program?

Any affiliate programs that a blog belongs to have to be checked carefully. The problem with some affiliate programs is that they might not be effective enough with regards to getting people in. It’s best to get out of any affiliate programs that are not providing the right returns and to focus on new affiliate programs that might be a little more valuable or effective for the needs that one has.

Marketing and Branding of Your Blog

According to me, women could be the best marketer. This year all women bloggers should try to implement new strategies for marketing their blog.

It is quite normal that even if you are a great blogger but still your blog can fail because there is no plan for marketing. Thus, marketing is an essential part of blogging.

Marketing could be the vast subject, so dwell into this topic and chalk out a plan to market your blog.

Moreover, you need to brand your blog also. Branding is more advanced subject and you can learn it after mastering marketing.

Get Geeky with SEO

Usually women find it very difficult to learn technical stuffs. Hence, this year you need to get geeky and learn how to optimize your blog through SEO.

Learning SEO in theory is very easy but to really implement it is a real challenge. If your blog is not properly optimized for SEO then it may not rank high in various search engines.

Please remember, you get most of your traffic through organic searches only. Hence, this year you better start learning SEO in order to double your income.

Set Targets for Every Month’s Earning

Someone said “a woman who seeks to be equal with men lacks ambition”. I hope this year, all women bloggers have to prove this statement wrong.

You need to set goals that for the next month my income would be this and this. Then you need to blog smartly to achieve that set goal or target.

You need to put a lot of effort if your goal is to become a six figure income blogger in 2013.

Diversify Your Income Streams

Women bloggers should diversify their income streams in 2013. If they are earning only from contextual advertisement like Google Adsense then they should also try to earn from Affiliate marketing.

Not just affiliate marketing but women bloggers should try to explore all possible sources from which they could make money this year.

There are various streams from which you could make money online.

Always Be Perfect

The final tip is to make sure that every single blog post that is created is checked for spelling and grammatical errors. The need to keep a blog looking as sensible and professional as possible is a real necessity. No woman should ignore the way how she is writing things.

Any woman who wants to get ahead in the world of blogging needs to use these tips in order to make her work more effective and useful for the coming year. These ideas can help with not only improving a blog’s reach but also with improving the quality of its content to make it a little more viable and useful for any kind of purpose that one might have for writing it.

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This article is contributed by Priya N who makes part time income through blogging. She likes to write about blogging tips, internet marketing & how to make money online topics. You can visit her blog Jobs8Home for more tips.

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