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By now, you’ve heard that companies are joining social media sites as a way to market their business and connect with their target audience. Running a social media campaign is a great way for your business to find success, and some companies have really propelled their business through the use of social media.

But some companies are not so lucky. Whether their campaign lacked detailed thoughts or simply fizzled out, the following are five social media campaigns that failed miserably.

5 of the Best Social Media Campaigns:

1. Qantas Airlines

As a protest with the airline unions, Qantas grounded all of its international and domestic flights. Someone should have told their social media manager. Right around the same time the flights were grounded, leaving thousands of customers stranded, Qantas ran a social media promotion asking customers to use the hashtag #QantasLuxury to tell Qantas about their dream luxury flight experience. Instead, customers turned the #QantasLuxury hashtag into a source to complain about their frustrations with the airline and their recent grounding.

2. Toyota

Toyota was planning to use the Super Bowl as a launching pad for a social media campaign designated at promoting the Camry. Toyota created a multitude of Twitter handles that revolved around the Camry. They planned on using these handles to spark conversations with current and potential Camry owners. But instead of promoting the Camry, Toyota was slammed by other Twitter users for spamming them with multiple accounts.

3. McDonald’s

McDonald’s suffered a similar failed social media campaign like Qantas. Back in 2011, McDonald’s created a hashtag #McDStories. The purpose of the campaign was to have customers share happy and nostalgic stories about their experience with McDonald’s. Instead, customers used the hashtag to complain about the popular food chain, detailing stories about poor working conditions, awful experiences and less than stellar food.

4. Chris Brown

You’d think that this young man couldn’t do anything worse than get in a domestic battle with Rihanna, but apparently he just loves the controversy. In early 2012, Chris Brown won a Grammy for Best R&B Album. After the event, Mr. Brown took to Twitter, but not to express gratitude and thank his fans. Instead, he used Twitter to share hateful and profanity filled tweets to those who don’t like him.

5. Walmart

Walmart has a reputation for being a hub of trashy people and providing poor customer service. When their main competitors like Target and Kmart were creating Facebook pages, Walmart decided to create one of their own, only they feared that their Facebook page would become a hub of nasty comments and customer complaints, so they didn’t allow their fans to post comments on their wall. Naturally, their following faded quickly, as fans didn’t see a purpose for following the company.

There are companies out there who know what they’re doing when it comes to social media, and then there are those whose campaign ideas fail miserably. Take a lesson from these five brands, and put some thought into your campaign and launch it at the right time.

Prepared by the SEO consultants at SEOmap, a group focused on keyword strategy for SEO.

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