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Are you looking for the best combination of the caching plugin to boost you blog’s performance, I am not able to stop myself to write review about the best cache plugin combination for the WordPress site. I have seen that most of the peoples are still using the W3 total cache, which is no reason very good plugin for caching in word press or any others. Now WP Super cache is also in huge demand.

cache boost you site performance

I installed so many combination of the cache plugin to speed up my blog performance. Best combination I found Hyper Cache,  DB Cache Reloaded and Wp Minify. Trust me Hyper Cache is the best cache plugin in my view which work great with DB cache reload and Minify. Hyper Cache’s simplicity, easy to configure and uninstall makes the plugin a perfect tool for any newbie users.

Hyper Cache

Hyper Cache is a new caching plugin out in the community. It is geared towards the everyday blog or those hosted on low cost shared servers. Also available in many different languages.

DB Cache Reloaded

DB Cache Reloaded is similar to DB Cache. In fact it is a fork of DB Cache because the author didn’t think DB Cache was updated quick enough. This plugin is also available in many different languages.

WP Minify

This plugin uses the Minify engine to combine and compress JS and CSS files to improve page load time.

  1. hi i am also on the way ti search the best combo for a maximum page speed.The first thing you must look is your template theme and how its customized.some themes works perfectly with W3 TC some others not,but from my experience till now i think best plugin to optimize and also works with cdn is W3 TC.The combo W3 TC wtih Gzip and page speed plugin works perfect to my web site that is based on a free and shared host…i can catch 90+ in google insights and tests.My web site is im also on the way to right a very serious post about caching plugins and speed optimization on wp sites and very analytic.But i think is all matter fist of your hosting provider(im only always use soon guys thanks for tips for some template i think it is a good combination what you use in this pots and is all matter of test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hello Pankaj !! Need you opinion on this. I feel this combination works best (my opinion) Wp super cache + Wp minify + Google libraries plugin. I have experienced very good improvement.
    What do you say ?

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