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It can be difficult for would-be investors to weed through piles of conflicting investment tips and financial advice. There’s always a plethora of information and often times it can difficult to discern the most relevant and important information from everything else. At best, these strategies will lead to a good return on your money, but not every strategy is thought up by reliable individuals. Rather than sift through the misinformation, stick with a tried and true success story like that of the 28-year Forbes columnist, Ken Fisher.

A Self-Made Billionaire

Ken Fisher was born into an investment family. As these things often happen, Ken was guided into the investment business by experienced hands. His father was a noted investor and author, so it was no surprise that Ken ended up working for Fisher & Company, his father’s firm, after graduating college with a degree in economics.

With almost seven years of working for his father under his belt, Ken started his own business aimed at managing money for institutional investors. The experienced Ken amassed over the duration of being employed by his father proved to be extremely valuable and beneficial to his newly-formed business. Fisher Investments would go on to manage money for some of America’s wealthiest individuals and make Ken Fisher a billionaire.

Aside from Fisher Investments, Ken Fisher established the Private Client Group, the subsidiary Fisher Investments UK, and Grüner Fisher Investments in Germany. He was recognized by Humboldt State University with the Distinguished Alumni Award for his contributions in finance. He was also named one of the 30 most influential individuals by Investment Advisor.


Learning from the Best

Everyone has their own personal strategies when it comes to investing, but it’s always good to brush up on what successful investors have done and try to emulate their approaches. Although he’s the author of several investment books, one book by Ken Fisher stands out, and that is The Only Three Questions That Still Count.

Originally published in 2006, this book quickly made it on the New York Times bestsellers list thanks to the proven methodologies Fisher presents, as well as his unique approach to investing, which few other investors are talking about.

The three questions alluded to in the title consist of simple things to ask yourself in order to avoid the most common investment errors. The book also features plenty of practical advice and visuals that make it easier to understand and navigate the markets. No matter the economic climate, the three questions are still as relevant as they were during the book’s original publication, so they are a flexible means of seeing the world clearly—or a “scientific method,” as Ken Fisher calls it.

One investment strategy alone will not make you a billionaire; however, implementing changes into your life can certainly put you on a track to being successful. Only hard work, determination, and a bit of good luck can give you the best chance, but Ken Fisher is living proof that it can be done.

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