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The fierce long time rivalry between Microsoft, Google and Apple is now on the brink of an all-out war. It all escalated when Google jumped into the smartphone business with their purchase of Motorola. Recognizing the growing threat to hardware and mobile operating systems, Apple has battled back by slowly replacing Google specific apps with their own improved versions in an attempt to keep the mobile advertising dollar away from the big G.

Come fall, a new round of competition will take place with the introduction of Apple Maps. With this technology, Apple promises to give their fans a whole new level of local experience with their voice activated guide to navigate you through every turn, and eye-catching 3D views that will revolutionize what we expect from a mobile map. Naturally, Apple cannot do all this work alone, which is why they have teamed with other companies that have been threatened by Google’s growing dominance to give you a truly improved experience.


TomTom has been a trusted name in GPS since personal navigation systems were introduced. Now that GPS has moved to the phone, their maps and directional expertise is being directed towards your iPhone Maps and other fun apps like the Nike+ SportWatch.

WAZE Social Mapping

Seen as one of the strongest rivals to G Maps, Waze is a free GPS application that utilizes a social connection with all of its users to gather accurate directions and real time traffic updates. Waze allows you to join in on the fun by reporting accidents, traffic gridlocks and closed off routes to help other Waze users like you.

As of press time, Apple reveals that they are incorporating Waze’s map data facility into their Apple Maps along with additional innovations of their own. With this partnership, Apple hopes to round out their map offering and bring a social/real time element that is incredibly accurate.

Urban Mapping

With the data gathered from urban mapping, Apple maps will allow their users to acquire relevant information on different neighborhoods which is convenient for anyone trying to find a specific location in an unfamiliar district.


To top it off, Apple is also adding NASA in their pool of partners for satellite imagery and geographical data.

Localeze and Acxiom

For many map users, finding local businesses can be quite difficult. By partnering with Acxiom and Localeze, Apple hopes to make this problem a thing of the past. With this collaboration, Apple Maps is able to provide local business information such as contact numbers and addresses for any local establishment.

Yelp for Reviews

To complete the whole experience, Apple is also pulling in Yelp Reviews to provide their users with a brief profile and review of the local business or establishment they wish to find. A Yelp star rating is also placed directly on the Apple map for easier navigation.

Although it is still too early to compare Apple Maps with Google Maps, Apple loyalists across the globe are gearing up to get their hands on this new technology. Their war is far from over, but it looks like drivers will be the big winner from this latest battle.

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