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As a highly delightful piece of kit the iPad is not just designed to make your friends envious. It is a practical device designed to meet most of your modern computing requirements, and then some. It is also uniquely designed to tap into media in a way that we have become more and more accustomed to through the infinite realm of audio visual resources that are available online. And although the OS has some glitches to iron out, it is smoothness personified for most of the everyday tasks that we log on to complete such as email, Facebook, Googling etc.


The iPad as games console

But as a gaming device it has the propensity to out strip many of the alternatives. The screen size and resolution, portability and battery life all give it a leading edge when it is considered solely as a games console. Given that the large majority (80% approx) of purchasers are under the age of 25 it is highly likely that a major consideration is the capacity of the device for recreational use. So whether your gaming has you marching a battling army through the Himalayas, or venturing on to the best US poker sites there are many aspects to your own gaming you will need to weigh up in the first instance


A general approach to gaming


So, if you are about to bin your xBox, consign your PS3 to the lounge for watching blu-ray movies, donate your Wii to the local old people’s home and give your DS to your kid sister, what are the key things to consider as you head of to purchase an iPad for all your gaming needs? Size is always important so you if you are planning on downloading games will 16gb be enough? If you are planning on gaming online do you have sufficient Wi-Fi access or will you need a model with LTE? Will you be able to pick up an iPad 1 cheap, stack it with your games and go from there or will you need the latest model in order to play the games on? These are just some of the questions you must have the answers to before you begin your quest.


How to you decide which version to choose?


The iPad can be acquired in 32GB and 64GB versions, but as you would expect there is a considerable hike in prices with each version. The increase is about $100 a time so it is important that you weigh up the storage requirements of your games. There is no external plug in or disc system so the games will need to be downloaded via your iTunes, but they can also be routed from an online retailer. For the high definintion retina display on the iPad2 the games have been developed with a much higher resolution and therefore require greater storage so it is important that you know your games and their memory requirements before you purchase your device. Although as a result of the pricing difference it may be tempting to go for an older version iPad with more memory it is important to note that some of the latest versions of games will not work on the older generation iPad. This gap in compatiblilty is likely to widen as the games refine their performance to fully explore the capacity of the newer version of the hardware.


iPad2/3 and their gaming propensity


The latest version of the iPad is designed to connect to 4G LTE networks. This is a highly effective way of connecting to the internet without the needed for a Wi-Fi access point. Some of the problems experienced with use of 3G was the speed of the connection and the amount of downtime which would make gaming on the move very frustrating. Particularly in levels gaming where it would be possible to lose a lot of progress because of a connection glitch.


The iPad Game Centre


As part of their iDevices Apple has included ‘Game Centre’ which helps you keep track of your progress within the different games that you have played. It allows you to measure this progress against your competitors and awards you points for your progress within games. Achievements within games unlock levels and so the addiction is allowed to continue. Game play is the key to really deciding whether or not this device is suited to the way you play. The only way to decide that is by getting down to the apple store and having a try, or read our previous posts for a full breakdown in the best of what is available for game play on the iPad.

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