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There was a time when buying a smartphone was easy. You had a couple of platforms and a handful of models to choose from. Things have changed a lot today.

In the battle of the open-source mobile platforms, developers have at least two choices: Google Android, which is open source but (relatively) closed development, or Symbian, which is open source…once it gets around to releasing the full source code.

Below Android Vs Symbian Operating System based on last release-

Android  VS  Symbian

Operating System Support

To upgrate latest verson of symbian you will required the latest phone (may be s60v5 in place of s60v5). If you have android  operation system on your phone you can easily upgrate your mobile’ operation system to latest verson.

Flashing Your Phone With New Firmware

For changeing the menu navigation and theme

1) install a new theam for your phone or
2) flash your. phone with new firmware or rom by using a computer
Note: Ther is no recovery option. If any thing will go wrong your mobile will be dead.
1) either install new theme
2) either install new menu launcher
3) flash your phone with new custom firmware
Note:Recovery option is available on the Android operationg syste. If any thing wrong you can revert back or rest your mobile phone.

Application Support

If you are SYMBIAN phone user and you wants to change the phone features like gallery, video, music library, phonr book etc you can downoad and install applications on your mobile phone. The problem is the memory, all these softwares will take so much memory of your mobile. Again installing and changing looks of he SYMBIAN phone is always risky.
Remove your default file browser, download and install new file browser. No extra memory will be taken from new browser and applications. New installed application will look like the defauly applications.


Symbian: remains as versatile as it always has, which is both a huge selling point but also a drawback, as its foundation hasn’t changed a great deal since its launch.
Android: is the leader of the pack here though and with its open standards allows users that are so inclined to really get the best out of their hardware.

Other Important things to notice:
symbian phones does not allow users to do modifications with their phones. If android of course yes.

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  1. Symbian was good. Android is the best. Nokia is like an arrogant child who likes self praise. when every Big mobile producing companies are opening themselves to a range of OS why can’t nokia bring in a new concept. I would never go for a nokia when i can enjoy a lot more applications elsewhere. Shit nokia. Shit symbian.

  2. Symbian is a basically dead OS….leading OS are Android,iOS and Windows mobile…real competition is between those 3…you are just blinded by the fake user-friendlyness and defending and old fort which is itching to crumble and can be incinerated singlehandedly by any of those 3 OS I listed

    I’ve read your past comments and saw that you’ve said that android has a fancy UI..yes it has a great..and “user friendly” UI which is undoubtedly thousands of miles ahead of symbian UI..symbian UI is like child’s scribblings compared to android…

    Then the android keyboard is very easy to use…this was even accepted by one of my friends..who is a die hard Symbian fan..

    In terms of power and customization…symbian is nowhere near android..the processing speeds of android devices were ahead of their competitors when they were released
    I saw that u said that USB OTG is nokia exlusive…with the new Android update it is not…and older users who cant update, can root their phone and do it..
    Then app support….OVI store is shit compared to android market and apple app store…also androids app caching process saves much power and still run tuhe phone fast no matter how much apps are opened….unlike symbian…take that for saying android is power consuming…even I am typing this while running 9mm hd and asphalt 6 on the background

    On Copying others stuff…both iOS and belle copied the android notification system

    Give it up…Android is innovative…symbian is NOT!…still stuck on the same base…android is generous…even a tiny update gives a lot of new features…awesome customer support no matter how many devices out there….

    Im not saying that Nokia is bad….just symbian…if N8 had android with better internal hardware….it could have been EPIC…

  3. I used symbian for about 5 years and hell it bored me! then i bought an android… the variety and freedom that it gives me keeps me going! the best part is of course open source.

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