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Here the Android History In Short… Who hasn’t heard this word? And today most of people associate this word with Google’s mobile operating system, with the latest and the most advanced smartphones, with the green android symbol from the logo.

But not everyone can say how it all started. When did Android appear? What did all these begin with?

And now I invite you into the history research of Google’s Android.


 Android History In Short:

Android Inc. in its initial form was founded in Paulo Alto, California, the USA by Andy Rubin, Nick Sears, Chris White and Rich Miner in October, 2003.

At the very beginning Android Company was too far from anything mobile, however, it was dealing with some technological issues. So, till the Google’s purchase in August 2005, Android had passed the way from a film making company to a digital construction. The company hadn’t reached any significant achievements, even though the stuff was talented and very hard working. That’s exactly what Google was able to make out.

So, as it was mentioned, in August 2005 Google bought Android Inc., probably making one of the great investments in the history.

That is all what was known till November 2007. There were various opinions about the reasons of purchase. Of course, there were some rumors that Google was planning to develop its own smartphone, but everything was top secret. And when Google dropped a bomb in a form of announcement of the formation of The Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of 65 software and hardware companies, including Google, Broadcom Corporation, LG, HTC, Sprint Nextel, Intel, Qualcomm, Marvell Technology group, Motorola, NVIDIA, Samsung electronics, T-Mobile and Texas Instruments that agreed to join their forces to promote and improve the development of open source products, and of the presentation of its own mobile open source operating system called Android the community was in shock. 5 days later Google released SDK for Android.

However, the first commercial version of Android OS – Android 1.0 – was released only in September, 2008. It is almost a year later. The very first smartphone that used this operating system was HTC Dream.

It was the time of beginning, when no one knew about Android, except the developers. But Google was doing its best to promote its product and to improve it as soon as possible. And four months after the first release the search giant presented the next version – Android 1.1. At that time there were no any code names for these versions.

This “thing” appeared only in April 2009, with the release of Android 1.5 that got a name of Cupcake. And since that time Android has got several development and improvements, including 3.x versions for tablets, 4.x version both for tablets and smartphones and so on.

There are lots of jokes about the codenames of the Android’s versions, however, in spite all the obstacles Google has reached its aim: today Android is the most popular and widely spread mobile operating system, it is used by dozens of smartphone manufacturers and it is able to compete with such giant as Apple’s iOS.

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This post is written by Kate Merzlova, a tech writer from Intellectsoft, a professional android development company. To stay in touch with us, follow us on Twitter @Intellectsoft

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