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A large number or people out there are very enthusiastic about exercise, and often pay a significant sum to have access to a gym from which they can get work out and stay fit. However, it is very common to find that a large number of such people often do not get the results that they are looking for when they start such fitness programs. This can be attributed to many things, the most important of which is not doing the exercises properly.

When you simply join a gym and start exercising without any guidance, chances are that you will end up making many mistakes, and the exercise regimen may end up not being very beneficial. Thankfully, there are a number of Android apps that you can download and use to plan your exercise in such a manner as to get the most benefit out of it. Some of these include:



One of the best ways to stay fit is by running, since it works out all the muscles in your body and gets rid of most of the fat. However, for you to benefit from this kind of exercise, you need to keep an eye on things such as the intensity and duration of the exercise. With this free app, you will find this very easy to do. The Runkeeper application allows one to keep track of different parameters such as how far you have run as well as the number of calories you have lost. This is one of the most accurate apps for this application out there, and it is for this reason that it is a wonder it does not cost anything to download.



There are times when you may want to concentrate on only one set of muscles, such as your abs or biceps. In such cases, you would need to use an exercise method that targets the muscle group you are thinking of improving. This may seem very easy, but in fact, it’s much more difficult than you may think. With this application, you get the chance of choosing the muscle group you are interested in keeping fit, and the program will then give you a plan of what exercises you can do to improve this group. This way, there will be no room for error which means that you are bound to get much better results in the long run. In addition to providing such information, the app can also be used to monitor which muscle groups you have been concentrating on and for how long, giving you a good overall view of your fitness status.

Lose It

An integral part of any fitness program is your diet. It is always necessary to balance your caloric intake with the output in order to reduce or maintain your weight, otherwise you may end up accumulating fat. This Android application gives one the ability to plan a meal regimen that will ensure that they consume the right number of calories they want. One nifty feature that it has is a barcode reader, which you can use to scan things such as snacks to find out their nutritional information so that you can figure out if they are healthy enough for you.

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Mark Davis is a tech blogger and is an avid user of mobile technology. He says with fat reducing systems like Bodytrim slimming down has become all the more easy.


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