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Few years back android came as a high tide in the mobile OS industry and washed off all that stood on its way. As an open source platform this operating system by Google is easily and freely available to all the developers. Well, previously Apple INC was the pioneer among the app developers, but recent polls show that android has made the most popularity over the world. It is now standing in the first position after Apple’s iOS and then the Windows OS. Recent news also shows that android has a worldwide market share of about 80 percent. Here we are going to discuss about the ever increasing popularity of android, its development and lot more.

Why android is the top app developer?

Well, what may be the possible reasons that have led to this enormous growth of the android market? Google’s android OS is able to outshine Apple Inc and is now the top mobile app developer in the market. Google’s android is able to set up some of the most recent trends in terms of technology. It has outshined the rest of the app developers in the market with the help of its normal app development practices.

Basic requirements for developing android app

Too many questions arise about the development of an android app. It might be confusing at the beginning to think as to what kind of software you should use and what you need to do at first. Well, Android application development is not that tough, it is quite easy and it is an open source platform that runs on java. Java is one of the most popular programming language and it is of excellent use for the development of app and software. Well, as per the statistics android is the easiest platform for the beginners who want to develop mobile apps. One can develop an android app with the help of the Android Software Development Kit. For developing android apps, the developer do not need any developers account.

How is android app developed?

In order to develop an app with the help of Android Software Development Kit, one must be familiar with the getting started functions. The tutorials that are provided in the kit can be easily referred to by the beginners. This tutorial helps the developer to reach the starter module. Every detail about android app development is included in the starter module. When all these processes are completed, the developer will be directed towards the project for developing the first app. For the purpose of developing android apps, the developer requires the same tools as required for developing a java app. For building mobile apps of high quality, the developer can easily refer to the functions that are mentioned in the kit’s library. Development tools that are needed for the purpose of debugging an app and for running an app are also found in the library. The developer can also refer to several tools in kit’s library for the purpose of testing the apps.

Important utilities for android app development

Developer tool box, one of the most important utilities for the app developer can also be founded in the kit’s library. The developer tool box also teaches the developer to write important codes that will help in generating most of the features of the app. With the help of different codes, the developer can easily configure the app as he wants it to function. Well, although this process is a bit complicated, but it is explained in the tutorial so well that the developer can easily understand it.

Why is android app development an easy process?

Since android is a platform based on Linux, so the app developers have complete freedom to develop their app as per their own choice. The best part about android app development is that the developers do not have to follow any particular rules or regulations and also the developers do not have to pay any amount for the license nor they have to pay any processing fee. Thus android app development is relatively a time saving and cheap process.

Things that make android platform something class apart

Another important thing that makes android app development platform something class apart is the vast choice of technology that is offered by Google to the developers for developing their apps. CDMA, GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, EDGE and many more are there that helps the developer a lot. Some more features like high resolution touch screen, video, images, audio, 2D and 3D graphics, proximity sensor, accelerometer and many other applications are there which the developer can edit.


With the help of many popular smart phones like Motorola Droid, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Grande, etc. android is able to reach its zenith. Thus, at the present time smart phones supporting Android OS is the latest eat of the market and it is one of the latest craze for the new generation.

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